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Revolutionizing the Buyer’s Journey With Video

The greatest marketing challenge is sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. However, people are moving targets who are in a constant state of change. You need to know how to capture their attention while they move through the buyer’s journey.

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign, then you need to know about all the necessary tools.

Luckily, you only need one tool to create a winning campaign: video.
It can sometimes be tricky to figure out what type of video content to use, but the real secret lies in knowing when to use each type of video.

In order to revolutionize the buyer journey with video, you first need to know the buyer’s journey like the back of your hand.

Understanding the buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey is a process that all customers go through. It includes realizing the problem, searching for a solution, and finally purchasing the chosen product.

During each stage of the buyer’s journey, your prospects will have different needs. Your job, as a marketer, is to identify each of these steps, along with your client’s needs, so that you can deliver the right video content.
Why video content? It’s simple.

The use of video is a major component of the buyer’s journey. 52% of marketing professionals across the globe have named video as the medium with the best ROI. As more companies are realizing the potential of video, this tool is becoming one of the most important weapons in a company’s arsenal.

Introducing video into your marketing strategy will increase engagement with your brand, and help your customers convert.

Now, let’s talk about what types of videos you should be using at each stage of the buyer’s journey.


This is the first step of the buyer’s journey. At this stage, your potential customer is identifying a problem that they might have, and they’ve just begun their preliminary research about it.

How-To Videos

Everyone likes to learn new things. During the awareness stage, your prospects are on the hunt for answers. Your job is to provide them with the information that they need. How-To videos should focus on positioning your company as an authority on the subject, earning you a greater and more influential role in the buyer journey.

Brand Videos

Brand videos focus on entertaining potential customers and showcasing your brand’s spirit, personality, and values. These are the types of campaigns you want to have fun with! Your main goal with this type of video should be to capture the attention of your prospects as well as engage them to interact with your brand.


At this point in the buyer’s journey, your customers are fully aware of their problem and have actively begun looking for a solution. They are looking into different products and services that might be useful to them. Your job during this phase is to show them that your product is exactly what they are searching for.

Explainer Videos

This type of video introduces your brand or product and tells potential customers why they need you. They also anticipate your client’s questions as well as solve them in a fun and interesting way. Explainer videos typically last up to 30 seconds in order to maintain your audience’s attention span.

Product Videos

Product videos are the ideal way of showing how useful your products can be. This is the next best thing to demonstrating your product in person. You can use video to highlight the problem a potential customer has, then, show them how and why your product is the best solution.

During the consideration stage, it is also important to think about any potential issues that might prevent a customer from moving on to stage three, and how you can resolve it.


This is the moment of truth! At the final stage, your prospects are on the verge of making the purchase decision. How can you encourage them to take that final step in the right direction and choose your product? It’s time to reveal why your brand is the best choice.
Your potential customer needs affirmation that they are making the best decision possible. At this point in the buyer’s journey, you can use two types of videos:

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are gold. They are the perfect form of evidence that your product or service is the best one on the market. Potential customers are more likely to trust an honest review of a product from one of their peers, than from the brand itself. Video testimonials are a great way to share how well your solution worked for others.

About Us

“About Us” videos give you the opportunity to build real trust with your prospective clients. Buyers want to feel like they know the brand they are about to purchase from. The most important thing here is to be authentic. By showcasing your unique company culture and people behind your brand, you’ll deepen the relationship with your customer.

Bonus Stage: Brand Loyalty

If you’ve completed all of the steps listed above correctly, you’ll move onto the fourth stage: brand loyalty.

This is something that comes with hard work and continuous customer support. It’s everything that happens after you land the sale. To create additional value for your customers, consider using one (or all) of these videos:

Thank You Videos

Once the sale has been completed, follow-up with your new customer by sending them a thank you video. Your customers probably aren’t expecting anything after they’ve purchased your product, so a thank you video will come as a nice surprise to them. Show your customer you appreciate their business and further solidify your relationship with them.

Video Updates

This is your opportunity to create added value for your customers. Since they’ve already purchased your product, they probably like your brand. Take advantage of that! Every time you roll out a new feature, product, or service, shoot them a video update.

Upsell Videos

Another great way to further generate sales is through upselling. Offer complementary goods or services that align with the purchased product and make sense to your customers.

That’s that!

By following these tips, you’ll be boosting the power of your marketing campaigns with video in no time.

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