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Is the Sales Process Over After the Purchase?

Every person that works in sales in the automotive industry knows that once a customer has purchased a vehicle from them, their relationship is not over. It has actually just begun. Yet, only a few of them have a communication strategy that will turn their customers into long-term buyers. We know that what you do after a purchase can either make you or break you, especially in automotive sales. In other words, if you build a relationship with your customers and engage them even after you closed the deal, these customers will be more likely to make a purchase again.

This is why we have decided to share some tips that the best companies use after sales in automotive.

1. Thank you videos

Once the purchase has been made, a personalized thank you message is in order. This is how you show your customer that you care and that you are happy to do business with them. Imagine how your customers would feel if they received an email where you are thanking them for the purchase and letting them know they can contact you if they need any future assistance.

2. Reviews of sales in automotive

Vehicle reviews are still very popular! This is because you are showing customers you care about their opinion about the product they purchased. More importantly, you want to know whether they are satisfied with their decision or not. This will create a feeling of trust and will give you a chance to explore your customers’ needs. This is golden information for your selling process and creation of future strategies.

3. Videos for additional information

Indeed, everything can be in your videos: Additional packages with new technologies to complement your customer’s vehicle or any other updates that can be of value to them. You can also send your videos with additional external links and detailed information on your video or landing page.

4. Videos for birthday bonuses

Wouldn’t you appreciate it if the salesperson you bought a car from a few months ago wished you a happy birthday with a simple, personalized email? Your customers feel the same way. If you can add some sales deals into your birthday greetings, that will make your customers feel valued and important to you. Isn’t it all about building a relationship where your customers feel this way?

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