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How to send sales emails that get replies

How do you send an effective sales email? Use video to engage prospects, get more responses, and increase conversions.

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Using video in
your sales email

Increase responses, engagement, and conversions by incorporating video in your sales emails.

What is Covideo?

Covideo is sales tool used to easily record, send and track personalized video messages. Incorporating video into your outreach increases overall engagement and conversions, making it an effective and innovative sales technique.

Increase response rates

People want to do business with people, not technology. Skip the impersonal interactions by incorporating a personalized video email into your outreach for a lasting first impression that resonates.

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Keep prospects engaged

Use Covideo’s call-to-action buttons to share content like e-books, whitepapers, case studies, or to invite working prospects to webinars. Helpful resources like these add value and demonstrate the expertise and insights you bring along with your product/service.

Shorten the sales cycle

Delve into product overviews or address complex questions without sending lengthy, confusing emails or waiting weeks to coordinate calendars. Keep the lines of communication open and the timeline on schedule with a video your prospect can watch at their convenience.

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Transform your sales email with video.

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Making Your Sales Email More Effective

With sales being the backbone of every business, it’s important to start and end with a bang. So you can stay up to date, we will cover what to include in a sales email and strategies for some of the most common ones – cold / prospecting emails and follow ups. Expect to learn:

  • How to write a sales email effectively
  • Tips & best practices for cold email outreach
  • Tips & best practices for follow up email outreach
  • Good email subject lines for sales
  • Sales email templates – free ebook


What makes for a good sales email?

The most common sales email is sent for prospecting, introductions, or for following up. Regardless of what type of sales email you are sending, there are a few critical components to include in each one that will make your message stand out in the inbox, engage your recipient, and drive action. These are all very important because we get so many emails a day, and typically a sales or cold email can easily get overlooked and disregarded – yet for sales reps, these emails are critical for either starting the sales process and gaining new clients or moving prospects through the sales funnel to become paying customers. To make your next prospecting email, sales introduction email, and / or sales follow up email better, follow these practices:

  • Subject lines: These are one, if not the most, important parts of any email. It will determine if the recipient opens your email or not. It should be short, personalized, and offer value.
  • Elements of personalization: Personalization is key. The subject line and message should be tailored specifically to your recipient.
  • Using video: Video is a growing strategy. It has proven to help businesses stand out, humanize the outreach, and build credibility.
  • Strong CTA: Always end with a strong call to action. This keeps the recipient engaged and the conversation going.
  • Clear/concise email body: Attention spans are short and keep getting shorter. No need to beat around the bush – get to the point quickly. Video is the best tool to achieve this.


Mastering the cold sales email

Cold email outreach is a pivotal part in any sales process. It`s used to get the conversation started and gain new business with prospects that you have not had any prior contact with. With inboxes flooded with these sales emails, it’s important to change your strategies and try new practices to keep up with the times. Of course, you have the traditional approaches of using your best pitch, building your credibility, etc. but video is now one of the most effective, newer strategies. The best cold email always includes a video.

A cold video email is just a short video of yourself saying the same message just in a different format. It makes a difference by helping you stand out, keeps the buyer engaged, people are immediately interested when they see one because it’s not the traditional format, and sparks curiosity. To make the most out of your video, follow these best practices:

  • Personalize your message – Tailor the video by saying their name, company, pain point, etc.
  • Wave at the beginning – When people see the video in your inbox, they will be drawn to the motion of you waving which increases the chances they click on your video. Look friendly and approachable even in a digital way.
  • Be human, ditch the script – Stay away from sounding automated and impersonal like a sales email template. Make sure the person knows there is a real human reaching out.
  • Validate yourself – Build a sense of credibility and trust, explain (authentically) how you’ve helped others with a similar pain point.
  • Short, concise, and action oriented – Attention spans are short and your videos should be too. Get to the point and end with a strong cta about what comes next.

To see an example video and script for a cold sales email template, click here! How to use video in common sales emails, or how to write the best email subject lines for sales prospecting, is still to come.


How to write a follow up email

Follow up emails are one the most commonly sent emails for sales. It can be for recapping a meeting, just checking in with the lead, or the classic haven’t heard back and so you’re reaching out again – follow up email no response. Regardless of what you’re sending a follow up email for, video can add value. Video is not just designed as a cold outreach tactic, but should be used throughout all stages of the sales funnel and process. It speeds the process up, continues building trust, and allows you to communicate more effectively and efficiently – no matter what type of follow up email you are sending, use video. Here are some tips and tricks to create the best follow up email:

  • Determine a purpose – Be direct whether it is a meeting request, saying thank you, need more info, or just catching up. Clearly articulate this in your message.
  • Create a sense of urgency – use specific dates and times.
  • Use screen recording feature when applicable – Share your screen and webcam to walk customers through presentations, proposals, and how tos.

To see how to send a follow up email with video or a sales follow up email template with video, request a demo from an expert!


Best email subject lines for sales

A subject line is such a powerful component of any email, especially for sales. It’s what determines if the recipient will open or delete your message. Creating catchy email subject lines for sales can be a frustrating, time consuming task that many don’t enjoy. Check out some of these tips to start creating your best subject lines for emails:

  • Keep them short and sweet. Remember that people are checking emails on mobile devices now so they could get cut off if they are too long.
  • Name drop. It makes it personal and creates a way in if it’s for networking purposes. This makes for good email subject lines for introduction.
  • Be real and personal. You don’t want your subject lines to sound automated. Customize it for the recipient and sound like a real human behind the email.
  • Spark curiosity. Ask a question to make it more engaging and interesting.

Pair these tips with a video to create the best sales emails that get the open rates you deserve. You can check out more sales email subject lines here.


Sales email examples – free ebook

To provide further help on getting started, we have gathered a few common sales scenarios, created templates for each, and provided video examples. Whether you are looking for sales pitch email examples, a follow up email sample after no response, a sales introduction email template, or a generic sales email template, take a look at this guide and see some video examples in action. Remember, to grab your recipient`s attention and keep your email at the forefront, you should spend time crafting your message but in a unique way. Put effort into your subject line because that serves as the first impression. These will either get your email open or put in the trash. Make sure to customize and add personalization – an automated basic email will get you nowhere. Keep things personal by adding their name or highlighting their specific pain point. Ultimately, use video. Like the saying goes, “out with the old, in the with new.” Ditch the boring, overused text emails and spice things up with video messages.

Video allows you to deliver your message in a more effective and interactive way. It grabs people’s attention and immediately sparks their interest. It`s a tool that can be used for just about anything, not just cold outreach. It speeds up the process while still providing effective conversations. Your video message should still be personalized. Stay away from the scripts that make you sound rehearsed and impersonal – instead say their name, wave, smile, be excited, and don’t worry if you mess up a little. Make sure to add credibility to yourself. You can name drop companies or people that you have helped in the same situation. The main key should be to keep your videos short no matter what it’s for. This keeps your audience captivated and the information easily digestible. Request a demo to see how you can use video in a follow up email template or how sales teams around the country use it in their process!


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