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Why Send A Sales Follow Up Email?

When reaching out to a new prospective customer, you have to remember that first contact usually doesn’t make the sale. People get so many funny work emails on a regular basis that even if you make a positive first impression, you can still get lost in all of the “noise”. Therefore, the sales follow up email is critical to not only stay at the top of someone’s mind, but to continue to build a positive relationship.

What’s the purpose of a sales follow up email?

At its core, a sales follow up email is exactly what it sounds like – you’re capitalizing on an opportunity to touch base with someone for a second time, reminding them of what you talked about in a way that compels them to stay in contact. This is a great practice to follow in a variety of situations. Sales emails are used in a number of contexts, like when sending an email to a prospect that hasn’t gotten back to you for a few weeks. You could also send a sales follow up email after you’ve already sent a proposal. You could even send a follow up email after quotation to remind them of a prior meeting’s discussion.

Upgrade Your Sales Follow Up Email

The most essential thing to understand is that sales follow up emails don’t have to be dry, formal and predictable. Any follow up email sample you find will illustrate just how much “personality” plays into your success via this technique. Likewise, you shouldn’t be afraid to put humor in your follow-up message – funny emails are a great way to reinvigorate someone’s interest in your offer, your products and even your brand.

One of the best ways to add personality to your message is by using video in sales emails. This a step that a lot of your competitors are NOT going to take. Covideo is the best video sales tool, as it’s a video email solution built for professionals in all customer-facing industries.

See how other sales teams are adding video into their sales email here.

Sending sales video emails with Covideo

With Covideo, you now have access to a viable way to record yourself from nearly any source that is convenient to you – like the Covideo mobile app, the website, through the Microsoft Outlook or Gmail extensions and more. All told, the Covideo software is incredibly user friendly so it’s never been easier to record, send and even track your video emails – regardless of how many you happen to send and where they’re going.

When you replace plain text emails with video, you wield the full power of non-verbal communication to your advantage. Some things are hard to get across in text, like humor or tone. Without being able to hear the tone in someone’s voice, you might read a message the wrong way – thus accidentally creating a negative impression that you would obviously want to avoid.

With Covideo, you can send a sales follow up email to prospective prospects that always has the right tone. This is particularly useful if you want to add more humor to your follow up emails.

Try Covideo in your sales process for free, sign up for a free trial! Get instant access and no credit card required.

Now that you know why a sending sales follow up email is important, here’s everything you need to know regarding sending a video follow up in the most effective way possible.

When to Send a Sales Follow Up Email

Overall, there are a wide array of different situations in which a professional like yourself would want to send a sales follow up email to either a potential or existing client. As previously stated, you can send a follow-up email after no response to a previous message. It’s a perfect chance to gently remind someone that you’re still there and enthusiastic about continuing the discussion.

You could also send out a sales follow up email to show someone in detail how serious you are about potentially doing business with them. A gentle reminder email for quotation purposes really does go a long way in terms of establishing a rapport with someone as early on in your experience with them as possible.

How to Write a Sales Follow Up Email

When it comes to how to write a follow up email to client after quotation, be sure to remain professional. However, don’t be afraid to inject a little humor or personality into your message if the situation calls for it.

Depending on your business, you may want to send a follow-up email interview request to get to know someone better. This gives you an unbeatable chance to personalize your communications even further in the future.

You could also send out a follow up email after providing service to a customer, as one car dealership (and satisfied long-term Covideo user) went a long way towards proving. With just one social blast, the dealership’s Internet director got 1,100 views and an impressive 35 leads in just seven hours! Those leads resulted in no less than 11 people coming directly into the dealership for test drives. Keep in mind that this is with just one piece of content. If you were to do that even three times a week, the results could literally change the future of your business.

But the best part of all is that not only can you use video with your marketing blasts, but Covideo is so innovative that you can also insert personalized videos into your follow up email templates. Rather than sending out a generic sample follow up email to client after sending proposal, you can let someone look directly into your eyes and hear the tone in your voice. They can see the expression on your face and you’re able to put as much of your own personality on display as possible, instead of simply trying to convey things using plain text alone.

Types of Follow Up Emails

It’s important to note that your follow up emails can have different call to actions depending on their purpose. If you’re trying to book a meeting and are video prospecting, for example, you would want to use a warm follow-up email or a polite follow-up email sample to keep things professional. A proposal follow up email sample may be a good way to entice someone to sign that proposal that you talked about earlier.

Many companies often use funny sales prospecting emails to great effect. This is a nice way to really show off a bit of that personality that separates you from your competitors.

You may want to send a simple “thank you” message after a previous interaction. Or when using the prospecting in personal selling approach, Covideo is a great to have in your sales toolkit to add a touch of personalization to your messages.

No matter what your follow up message is actually about, video is the perfect medium to get the message across. With a video-based follow up email for request quotation, you have the ability to literally say what the cursor can’t always capture. Tone of voice, facial expressions and hand gestures suddenly become assets for you to utilize in that follow up email template to client and other prospect sources.

A sales follow up email, whether funny or serious, can be the reason you bring in business. Video emails can not only help you personalize your communication, but it can also build an enormous amount of trust in your audience.

Use Covideo to Send A Sales Follow Up Email

Overall, video email isn’t just a new, fun and exciting way to get your message across – it’s truly one of the best ways to follow up with customers that you have available to you. This technology benefits you, your team AND your clients as it drives a new and innovative reason for engagement. Even a modest cold email follow up template can be greatly improved with video in a way that motivates your sales team, increases the frequency of your sales and expands your existing accounts – all at the same time. Cold calling videos are truly the best way to get your foot in the door and get your prospects attention.

The best methods for how to write a follow-up email to a client involves adding that personal touch. Your team gets a chance to break up the monotony of faceless phone calls and non-personal emails, and your clients understand that you truly care about them.

If you’re looking to send follow up emails to clients right now, try Covideo.

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The perfect combo. Try today and see.


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