Sales Trends You’ll See in 2021

Virtual selling in 2021 will involve creativity, empathy, and a wicked, cool video messaging platform.

Oh yes, video isn’t going away, folks. One of the top sales trends this year is video prospecting. Other sales trend examples include thank-you videos, screen recordings, personalized customer experiences, and customer-centered communication.

The reason video remains a common sales trend is because a video is far more effective than a plain-text email when establishing a positive connection—which is key in sales. With most of the world still operating virtually, sales professionals need to adopt video into their sales strategy.

By the end of this blog, you can expect to have a new understanding of the b2c and b2b sales trends and how a video messaging platform will help your team connect and convert prospects.

Breaking Down Sales Trends in 2021

How to increase sales in 2021 requires a positive, virtual buyer experience. What does that mean exactly?

Well, I’m more likely to make a purchase when I can get in contact with a representative. And I’m not alone! Accessibility to a representative is becoming increasingly common due to the impact of Covid.

Access to Representatives

Does your website have a chatbox or contact form? If not, make sure your phone number isn’t hiding at the bottom of your website. The lack of accessibility can cause your friction and create a frustrating experience for your prospect.

It’s not unusal for if a customer wants to speak to a person to quell any objections they have or to ask clarifying questions.

Plus, this is great for sales representatives because these interactions will build relationships, establish trust, identify new opportunities, and ultimately increase conversions.

Personalized Customer Experiences

A personalized customer experience is a standard sales best practice and for a good reason! A personalized customer experience differentiates you from your competitors because no one can replicate you.

Companies that provide an emotional connection with customers outperform the sales growth of their competitors by 85%.

Some personalization sales techniques include mentioning specific pain points in your pitch, tailored emails, and sharing personalized video messages.

Using a Video Message Platform

Margeret Henney, the Marketing Director at Covideo, says, “Video adds a human touch which helps you gain credibility and earn trust.” Regardless if you’re working in b2c or b2b sales, trends like video messaging will enhance your communication and make you stand out from your competitors.

Through Covideo’s platform, you can send rich, hyperlinked images that take the place of your standard email or text.

You can record these videos from your laptop or smartphone and track viewer analytics to see your video engagement levels.

Video messaging platforms, like Covideo, are perfect for enhancing your sales strategy and customer experiences. Use video messages to share an explanatory video about your company, or hold up a whiteboard with your recipient’s name for more personalization.

How to Increase Sales With Video

Virtual selling is less intimidating when you send a video introducing yourself. Not only does this put a face to the name, but you are providing a positive and memorable experience for your customers.

For example, one industry that’s heavily adopted the video is automotive. Recording and sending video introductions and car walkarounds are becoming increasingly popular car sales trends. Car buying is stressful. It’s also no secret that many auto sales reps have to combat negative stereotypes while working with a potential customer.

With a video emailing platform, auto sales professionals will build more trust by sharing video introductions, vehicle walkarounds, and thank-you videos.

This is just one example of how video messaging is being built into the sales process. Other use cases for using video in sales and throughout the virtual selling process include:

  • Prospecting. Stand out in the inbox and send a video message that actually captures your audience’s attention and gets a response.
  • Introductions. When a lead comes in, introduce yourself with video to put a face to a name, establish a connection, and build trust from the start.
  • Follow ups. When you need to reach back out after a few days, switch up your strategy and send a video message. Your prospects will appreciate the innovation, time and effort – and also feel more guilty for not responding when they know there’s a human on the other side.
  • Updates. Share meeting recaps or lengthy, and detailed information in a video message. Video makes it easier (and quicker!) for you to explain – rather than typing out a long email. Video is also more memorable and easier to comprehend, making it a win for your prospects too.
  • Thank yous. Once the sale is closed, send a personalized video email thanking customers for their business and taking the opportunity to ask for reviews and/or referrals.

Are These Sales Trends Right For You?

Some sales trends during covid may not be relevant in a few years from now, but a video is one of those tools that is timeless.

You can use Covideo’s software to record, share, and track your video messages, screen recordings, and video text messages. Sign up for a 7-day free trial to experience video messaging today!

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