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Saying Thank You Goes A Long Way

To build a firm relationship with your customers, clients, and partners, you’ll want to express your gratitude for their business. Sending thank-you emails is polite and will leave a positive impact on a prospect or client. Yet, we believe that plain-text thank you emails are dull and predictable. 

While sending a handwritten thank you card or meeting up in person might be ideal for recognizing your customers, time can get in the way of adding this personal touch to your outreach.

If you’re looking for an authentic way to say thank you to your customers without breaking the bank, then consider utilizing your business’s best asset: you! How so? Send a thank you video…and not just on Thanksgiving!

Say Thanks With Video

Creating “thank you” videos allows you to sincerely express your gratitude for your customers, but in a unique and personalized way. 

This enhances the overall customer experience which will lead to retention and help your business thrive in the long run. 

Our team sends thank you emails fairly often and for a number of circumstances: following a meeting, receiving a referral, or closing a deal. Really, the options are endless. 

An Example Template

If you’ve never recorded a thank you video before or you’re not sure where to begin, check out this example that we’ve used ourselves! 

Hey Emma, it’s Katherine from Covideo, I wanted to reach out and thank you for taking my call this afternoon. I know you had a lot going on so I appreciated you taking some time to chat about using video throughout your sales process. I look forward to connecting next week to go over the software and learn more about your current sales strategy. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your week. Talk to you soon!”

Thank-you videos sound more personal when they contain references to the last interaction. This makes the video more sincere and shows that you’re an active listener. 

The script above is a suggested outline, so feel free to make adjustments and make it your own! Take a look at a thank you video in action:

Start Saying Thanks Today!

If you’re new to video email – sending thank you videos to your existing or previous clients is the best way to start. You’ve already won their trust and their business, and everyone likes to hear that they’re appreciated! 

Ready to send a special thank you this season? Start our free trial risk free – no credit card required, or connect with a Covideo coach for more information on best practices and use cases for your business. 

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