Scaredy-Cat Series: Overcoming Camera Fright

Facing your fears is never easy. But you know what they say: The only way to beat ‘em is to face ‘em. So here we are.

Fears look different for everyone, but we’re narrowing in a common phobia experienced by many. Today’s topic: Camera fright. 

Why Are We Afraid of the Camera?

It’s like stage fright, but without the audience. So shouldn’t that make it easier? Well, not always. The intimidating factor about recording a video email is most likely still, your audience. 

“As humans, we’re hardwired to worry about reputation above almost all things.” 

Camera fright is a natural human reaction stemming from our mind. It’s normal for human beings to want to be accepted by others, and something about being in front of the camera triggers that vulnerability within. What if I mess up? Will the viewer enjoy it? How do I look?  We want to be accepted by the recipient, and putting ourselves out there on screen can be a bit intimidating. And when you’re behind the camera, your audience becomes a whole lot more ambiguous. 

In today’s working world, video is used day-to-day to host live meetings, highlight company culture, and even record video messages. Although video is becoming the latest and greatest trend, one of the main reasons people are hesitant about implementing it into their business strategy is simply because they’re too afraid. But, this fear rests all in your mind, and we can guarantee, you are your harshest critic. 

How Do We Overcome It? 

Pause On Perfection

First and foremost, we don’t preach perfection. Even if it isn’t the version you end up using, pushing through mistakes to the end of your message will train you to work through fumbles and think on your feet.  

Think, when you mess up when leaving a voicemail, you don’t just hang up and try again! You correct yourself and don’t think twice about it. And if you’re really not a fan of your first take, you can always re-record. 

These imperfections reiterate the fact that you are human, and allow you to reveal your authentic personality.


Take a deep breath and find a quiet place where you’re alone for your first few takes. Eventually, you’ll be able to record your videos anywhere, anytime. But for beginners, it’s best to eliminate as many obstacles as possible.

Find A Flattering Default

We’re typically more comfortable and confident when we like the way we look. So, for the most flattering video, raise your camera to roughly eye level and frame your head, neck, and shoulders in the view. For the best lighting, make sure the light source is in front of you. Backlighting results in a dark, shadowy appearance. Unless you’re recording a spooky Halloween video, then by all means, go for it. And que the fog too.


The more you record, the easier it will get. To start off, fix your eyes on the camera of your computer or phone, not on yourself. This gives the impression of making eye contact (trust us, this is more challenging than you might think.) 

Still Scared? 

We told you, this is a common topic. So common that we’ve got an entire collection of videos on overcoming camera fright. So if you’re interested in learning more, you might find some more tricks below. Consider it our treat!?????

Now’s The Time To Face Your Fears 

We know, it’s always easier said than done. To start, record and send some thank you videos to existing or previous clients. You’ve already won their trust and their business, and everyone likes to hear that they’re appreciated! 

Ready to face your fears? Schedule a short call with a Covideo coach to hear what it’s all about. Or, jump right in and start our free trial risk-free.

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