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Can You Sell A Car With A Smartphone?

Today’s consumers are not only looking for value, but they are also looking to buy from someone they can trust.

With so much competition around, dealerships have to find a way to deliver more than just a product or service. They have to see the big picture and stand out by offering a trust-based customer experience. There are many ways to enhance the customer experience, and video email is the go-to tool to achieve this.

And guess what?

All videos can be recorded with your smartphone! Here are some ways you can intrigue your customers with video email with by sending a simple recording from your phone:

1. Internet Lead Follow up

Why not make a great first impression and reply with a personalized video instead of sending a plain text email? Respond to leads with a video introduction where you can greet your recipient by name, build trust and show them who is behind the entire customer experience.

2. Inventory videos

Wouldn’t it be nice for your customers to actually see a video of what you have to offer instead of looking at static images? Showcase the selection of vehicles on your lot and let your customers experience the real deal.

3. Vehicle walk-around

Offer customers a 360˚ video of a particular vehicle, giving them a chance to explore the features and condition of the vehicle from the comfort of their home. Also, make sure to highlight all the special features and characteristics that your customer requested.

4. Service department

Your customers may find it hard to hand in their car to a total stranger. However, you can make this experience easier for them by sending them a video of their vehicle, clearly showing the parts needing repair or replacement. Above all, make your customers aware of your credibility.

Covideo provides video email software that helps businesses and individuals communicate more effectively, build relationships faster and reinforce their brands with easy-to-make personalized videos.

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