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Sell A Home Faster With Video

People working in the real estate industry have to put a lot of effort into communication. This is where video email can be a game changer for real estate professionals. It can be used in various ways, but one of the most popular videos in the real estate world are clearly virtual walkarounds.


Apart from walkarounds, real estate agents and professionals can benefit from video in many situations when communicating with potential property buyers. These include:


1. Answering inquiries

Communication between real estate agents and clients often begins with Internet inquiries. This is where video introductions can save the day and pave the way for future communications. They represent a powerful way to respond to leads who are eager to get to know you better.


Real estate professionals should treat their introduction video as an elevator pitch for their services. Therefore, they should focus on what they offer, or how they can offer service better than others.


2. Providing first time home buyer information

To clarify, your clients depend on you, your advice and your service. When they are new to the market, skepticism is high and they want someone they can trust. The visual nature of a video will give prospects an insight into an agent’s professionalism and knowledge. This way video will break down barriers and help you transfer the right information the most convenient way, without you ever having to leave the office. Furthermore, Exit links can also be included in your video’s template and help direct your viewer to different information sites.


3. Explanation of the home buying process and sending updates

The ease and convenience of letting clients know everything they need to know in one minute, instead of typing a long email is extremely appealing to both real estate professionals and clients themselves. 7


When you want to provide your clients with a lot of important information or updates, you can easily guide them through important documents with the help of a screen sharing tool through which you can demonstrate and highlight the most important topics of your client’s interest. Also, it’s important to keep your clients engaged and updated on any new home listings and options.


Finally, videos can be used over and over again, so if you receive another inquiry connected to the same topic, your video can be reused and save you a lot of time in the future. 


4. Testimonials

Video testimonials are a great free marketing tool that can help your buyer recognize the credibility of your services.


Additionally, it provides another perspective on the property of their interest. Reviews and third-party feedback have a high power of persuasion as they come with an informative, helpful nature designed to build trust. Therefore, video testimonials are a great way to better connect sellers and buyers, speed up and simplify the buying process.

Here is a great example of a video testimonial by the Domo Real Estate Group:



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