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Do properties you sell have personalities?

In the real estate industry, which word has greater power – the one spoken or the one written? The reality is that the value of written words, in relation to spoken words and videos, is dropping. People don’t want to read large amounts of text describing that beautiful, balcony view or the master bedroom, they want to hear about it and see it. And what better way to see something as important as your new home than with personalized video? Are you aware that selling properties with video increase the number of sold properties? Moreover, it closes deals a lot faster and it increases communication effectiveness.


Think about the stress

With the advancement of smartphones that make capturing videos simple, everyone has the video creation capability in their hands. But keep in mind that how you say something is sometimes more important than what you say, especially during negotiations. Buying property is a very stressful experience that the average client goes through once or twice in his lifetime. That’s why clients want more and more information on different properties and are researching their potential homes prior to setting up an appointment or contacting an agent. A video is a real attention grabber as it can give your client the feeling that he is already there. Remember, the feeling of belonging can only appear if you get the whole picture. Or in this case, if you get the video.


Properties have personalities

As a realtor, you are not presenting just your personality, you are presenting the personality of the property. Buyers connect with properties on a visual level which makes video a perfect solution to show all the charm those walls are hiding. You are not selling a house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a big backyard. You are selling someone’s future home, a place where people will fill them with emotions and create memories with their loved ones. When we talk about business, you are also not selling office spaces. You are selling success, a place where people will develop ideas that will change their lives and lives of many other people. Remember, best agents are selling properties with video because they’re aware of many benefits. 


Client’s wishes and needs

So next time you have a new client, present the property they are looking for as if it were a person instead of a property, someone that will brighten up their future just by being different and yet perfect for them. Listen to your client’s wishes and needs, and present him a video story about a house that is waiting just for them.


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