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Send Auto Leads a Video Email

Video in the automotive industry contains emotions and information. So, it’s no wonder people are now choosing it over any other form of advertising. With more than 230 million views, automotive branded videos are the 4th most viewed category worldwide. These numbers will only grow as most car dealerships keep investing in this type of content. Not only can you create the best marketing videos for new cars on the market; you can also use a video platform to communicate with potential buyers and inform them about their “dream machine”. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new car or a used one, your buyer needs information. Can you think of a better way to communicate to auto leads than through video?

Personalized prospect auto leads to a positive buyer experience 

To create a good video, you have to focus on what your customers want and need from you. They want a salesperson that will guide them through the sales process. Moreover, they want someone who will give them all the information they need. Using video to communicate with your potential buyers will improve the quality of information you are providing. Your buyers will be more confident to talk to someone they can see. Especially if that person can send them videos of the cars they are interested in.

This way you will save your customer’s time and provide him with the most accurate information. Smart prospecting in the automotive industry has its focus on time-saving, cost-effective, and personal tools. These tools change the way auto leads engage with the salesperson as well as the entire car buying experience. Video in the automotive industry is definitely one of the smart solutions!

How to use video in sales emails

By far, one of the most important techniques that you should know is video email. This is a relatively new tool in the sales process that literally allows you to embed your video in an email, as opposed to sending it as an attachment as you would have had to in the past. When your email is sent, it will be delivered to the inbox of your prospective auto lead along with a video thumbnail. The first five seconds will automatically play in the email, which is a great way to entice your prospect into clicking on the video so that they can keep watching.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to enhance your sales strategy in a way that instantly attracts someone’s attention and lets you stand out from all of the text-based messages they receive on a regular basis, congratulations – you’ve just found it.

Using a video platform for auto leads

Of course, one of the most important parts involving how to create a video email comes down to the platform you choose to use. There are a number of video email platforms out there for you to choose from depending on your needs, with Vidyard being a prominent example. This will help you with creating video emails, sure – but it does little when it comes to the actual distribution and tracking of those very same messages.

A platform like Covideo, on the other hand, does both at the same time – it provides you with all of the tools that you need to actually create that compelling content for auto leads, along with everything you could ever ask for involving getting that message out to the widest possible audience.


Want to know how to autoplay video in email? Covideo has you covered. Want to know how to embed video in email? With Covideo, you can do it in seconds. Different video formats, Gmail video, you name it – Covideo has it accounted for.

At its core, Covideo is an easy-to-use software that allows you to record and send video messages via email, SMS text messages or even social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. As stated, it also integrates with popular email tools you may already be using like Gmail and video email for Outlook. This means that you can easily send and record videos from your business’ email account in a matter of not days or hours, but minutes.

Since their inception, the team at Covideo have made it a point of pride to work closely with sales teams to help them better use video in their own sales processes. When you partner with Covideo, for example, you get access to a Video Strategist for Sales to call your very own. This is a hardworking person who will devote their time to making sure you know everything you need about how to create a video email, about which video email best practices you should be following, about which sales email tips you should be taking advantage of and more.

Can I register for training without a paid Covideo account?

Through Covideo’s 7-day trial, users have the opportunity to sign up for training without adding their credit card information. Register for our training webinars with your free trial account. You’ll learn how to use of video emailing platform and strategies for increasing your views with auto leads.

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