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Covideo is the easiest way to send video emails, free! From our trial, you can record, send, and track video emails. Cut through the noise with the simple solution built for smarter outreach.


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Breakthrough the noise of a busy inbox by delivering eye-catching video email campaigns that engage your audience and drive action. Promote your next event, showcase your newest product, or share the people and stories behind your brand.

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Video is a huge commodity for marketing content. Businesses are starting to include more video content in their regular communication with customers, whether through their website, social media, or email.

The video content market has become increasingly competitive, and there’s no better way to keep your customers (or prospective customers) updated than by directly emailing a video to them. Emails with video are more likely to be read and clicked on than your standard marketing email. Even better, through video, you can keep up with your customers’ increasing demand for video content.

However, video mails present a series of challenges. How do you create videos quickly and easily? What’s the easiest way to transfer them from one device to another? How can you get people to click on the videos in the email? Large files make it a hassle to embed video in email, and it’s currently not possible to autoplay video in email. It’s even a challenge to figure out how to send a video from one phone to another.

With all of these roadblocks, how can it be feasible for any company to email videos to their client base?

Enter Covideo, the Best Video Email Platform

At Covideo, we have worked to address these problems and created an intuitive and integrated video messaging solution. Covideo is a platform that lets you send videos in email. It’s now ranked as one of the best ways to email videos for sales professionals, thanks to its ability to address all the problems that marketers face when emailing video.

With Covideo, you can record videos easily with extensions and integrations. You can boost your email click-through rates by adding animated video snapshots to catch the reader’s eye. You can send videos between devices, regardless of file size. It saves marketers and sales professionals tons of time—time you can then spend caring for your customers.

Covideo lets you send videos with Outlook and Gmail. Additionally, the Covideo Outlook add-in helps you add saved videos to your library and see real-time analytics with just a couple of clicks. If you’re creating a video Gmail, then we’ve got you covered there too. It’s a simple matter of copying your video from the Covideo library directly into the email. Regardless of your current email platform, Covideo can integrate with it.

Want to see for yourself? Try it free for 7 days to send video email free! Covideo lets you send video email free of charge for Outlook email and send video in Gmail for one week, letting you try all our special features and cool integrations.

How to Email A Large Video File

Covideo integrates with both Outlook and Chrome, giving you the flexibility to record and share videos in whatever browser you prefer. The Chrome extension allows you to record yourself or your screen with just the click of the button, and those videos seamlessly integrate into your video library for sharing via email, social media, and more.

Using the Chrome extension lets you create customized videos for training employees or customers on a certain feature of your product. You can even give personalized walk-throughs of your product to prospective clients. This feature is available in the free trial, so you can see for yourself how Covideo’s extension makes sending videos easy for you.

Covideo also solves the problem of how to send a video via email that is too big. Covideo embeds your video file directly into the email, so no file size is too large. If you’re trying to figure out how to email a video that is too large, just give Covideo’s free trial a try.

How to Send a Video on Your Phone

Sometimes, though, you need to create a video and send emails on the go. Since more and more people check and send emails from their smartphones, Covideo has developed a mobile app to help you email large video files. The app works on both iPhone and Android. Covideo offers the best ways for how to send a video through email from iPhone and how to send large videos through text on Android.

In addition to letting you email or text videos from your phone, the Covideo mobile app lets you create unique videos from whatever point-of-view you need. Switch between the front and back cameras for changes in perspective, or use the pause feature if you need to take a break mid-video. With the capabilities of the Covideo app, you can create and send emails with video directly from your phone—regardless of file size. It’s how you can send large videos from Android or iPhone to the computer with just the click of a button.

Try Covideo to send video email free and see what you can create. Give customers a walk-through of your office or showroom, or give them a tutorial of your software or product offering. You can even provide immediate, personalized training to your employees or team members by recording a quick video to walk them through any process.

Try Covideo today and send video email free with a 7-day trial – we don’t even ask for a credit card!

How to Send a Video Through Gmail on Android

Professional norms are shifting, and texting and video messages are becoming an increasingly acceptable way to communicate in many businesses. Consumers, too, are becoming more comfortable with communicating with brands through video and text. They’re increasingly drawn to the visually pleasing and highly entertaining aspects of video content, which is rapidly becoming a primary source of informational content.

Video is more than just entertaining, however—it helps consumers connect with brands and their message on a personal level. Deeper connection drives engagement and motivates action, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity? With the Covideo mobile app, professionals are able to communicate directly from their phones. You can email, text, and create videos at the time that works best for you and your customers. There’s no need to wait until you’re at your high-tech webcam setup with the IT crew on standby.

Whether you record your video on your phone via the mobile app or on your computer with the Covideo extension, it’s easy to send large video files back and forth between devices. You can send videos through email on iPhone or Android phones, whether you’re saving your video for your own use later or keeping up with your customer’s needs with quick and custom video responses. You also have the option to text videos to employees, customers, or anyone who might benefit from the content.

Start a Free Trial Today

Covideo’s free 7-day trial allows you to send video email free from any device, to any device, at any time. It’s free  for Gmail and Outlook. It eliminates the problem of sending videos from one phone to another, and you’ll never get a message that says a video is too big to send. We take care of all the tech parts for you, so you can focus on creating the content that helps your business.

Want to know how you can send video email free? Sign up for a free trial or talk to a video expert in a scheduled demo.

How to Embed a Video in an Email on Outlook

When you start to include videos in your email marketing campaigns, you’ll soon run into a whole host of problems. Embedding videos is frustrating and difficult, as large file sizes are a problem for many email clients. When you opt to send a video as an attachment, it gets overlooked and click-through rates drop. When you use Covideo, you don’t have to waste time learning how to add video in an Outlook email body, autoplay video in an Outlook email, or insert a video clip into an Outlook email—the heavy lifting is done for you. Plus, both free trial and paid accounts get access to multiple video email templates.

Covideo solves these issues, making it easy to choose a video message format that works with what you already have. Once you record your video via the Chrome video extension or other apps, you can share and send your video anyway you like.

Send it from your desktop. Send it from your phone. Share it on social media or through the Gmail and Outlook extensions. Post the video on your website. Text it to a customer. The ways to share your video are endless and easy, with just a few clicks standing between you and your next video message.

It’s easier than trying to embed a YouTube video in an email, embed a Vimeo video in an Outlook email, or embed a mp4 video in an Outlook email. You don’t need any technical know-how.

Our CRM option even lets you copy your video from the video library and copy it into any email or marketing platform, including Pardot, Infusionsoft, and Salesforce. We’re making it easier than ever to embed a video in an email in the way that works best for you. You only have to click a button—we’ll take care of all the HTML coding and behind-the-scenes tech.

Send Video Email Free

Covideo offers a 7-day free trial for you to send video email free and experience all the video creation and sharing features. Try the Outlook or Chrome extensions for creating and sending videos in your email, or use the mobile app to create and send video email free on the go. You can record your screen or yourself and switch between perspectives to give your viewers exactly what they need for every moment of the video.

Don’t worry about file sizes, types of devices, or email clients. Covideo is the video service that works with all of them seamlessly. You won’t have to change any of your habits—you just have to start using Covideo.

Contact us or start your free trial today, no credit card required! 

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