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Record personalized, one-off videos using your smartphone or webcam.

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Upload existing materials like marketing videos to utilize all of your video assets.

Screen capture

Record your screen, your face, or both using Covideo’s Chrome extension.  

Video library

Create a comprehensive library of video content you can use over and over.

Customize your approach


Include customizable buttons that drive engagement and set clear next steps. 

Video landing page

Opt for a custom-created landing page or select from our ready-to-use designs.


Add captions to ensure accessibility and reinforce your message. 

Customizable player

Control of colors and design of your video player to fit your brand.

Send from anywhere

Simple sending

Send your videos via email, text messaging or from your CRM.

Social sharing

Share videos on social media or send them via direct message.

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Drive traffic to relevant sites by laying your video over the URL of your choice. 

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Send with confidence knowing your videos won’t get caught in spam filters.

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Receive real-time notifications that alert you when your videos are viewed. 

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Gain powerful insights through analytics that track views, engagement, & clicks.

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Leverage team reporting to drive adoption and see where you’re winning.

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Send Video Messages via Email, Text, or Social

There are many reasons you may want to send video messages online. You might want to share a family event, forward a work presentation to a colleague, or back up an insurance claim. Unfortunately, the process to send large video files isn’t always easy.

If you try to use email, your email provider may put a limit on the size of files you can send. Or, the receiver’s email provider might have their own limit and block the message. Text messaging services also have their own limits, and you might use up your data cap or have to pay for extra data. Even when you’re able to send a video file, your email or phone company might reduce the size and quality of the video file to save bandwidth and make it cheaper for them to handle the file transfer. Other providers even mark large video attachments as spam, or block them without notifying you or the recipient.

Record and Send Video Messages at Ease

If you’re looking how to send a 10 minute video or how to send a video through Gmail, Covideo is your answer. Covideo is a video tool that allows you to record or upload videos to send via email, text, social media, or other channels. Covideo encodes and processes your videos to maintain maximum quality, so you never lose resolution when you send a video. When sending a video message, the recipient gets a preview of your video in the email body and can click to watch your video. Once clicked, the viewer will be taken to a branded video landing page, accompanied by call to action buttons that drive viewers next steps.  Likewise, your Covideo library has unlimited storage so you can record and keep as many videos as needed. Of course, you can always access these videos from your phone or online.

Covideo a personalized video software that allows you to send videos via email or texting, rather than sending out generic plain text emails. This audience could include be individuals, your internal team, or prospective customers. You choose the recipients of your video email, and then track to see when it’s opened, who watches it, and how they engage with it. Unlike video attachments that get lost in your spam folder, Covideo sends your video messages easily and effectively.

Interested in learning more about using video for business and it’s benefits? Tell us a little about you, and a video expert from our team will reach out to show you the ropes of video email.

Best Way to Send Video from Phone

Almost everything that happens in life is captured on a phone. Whether you’re watching breaking news on TV or last night’s party on social media, there’s a good chance most of the images were captured on a phone not a professional camera. While some people sometimes complain about phone video quality, phone video is often best for the job. Few people can carry around a professional camera all day, but everyone has a phone. This makes it inexcusable to start creating a video strategy for your business!

In addition to always being able to capture personal memories, it also helps people get their jobs done. Various professionals, including the automotive industry and sales, need to be able to capture and send video on the spot. The goal isn’t always to get movie quality but to be able capture and share important information in the best way possible. Even for those who may have professional equipment or a recording studio they can go to, the speed and convenience of phone video still comes in handy. The trick is trying to figure out how to send large video files from phone.

Video files take up a lot of space and eat up a lot of data when you send them. When you’re looking at how to send a large video from iPhone or how to send large videos on Android, you’ll see that people often have trouble figuring it out. Either they don’t have enough room on their phone to save their videos or the file is so big their email or SMS provider won’t let them send it.

Send Video Messages From Your Phone with Covideo

Covideo provides the answer to how to send a 10 minute video on iPhone. In addition, Covideo has a convenient app that helps you record, store, and send your videos. Instead of worrying about attachments, Covideo uploads your videos to the cloud when you have WiFi and data. Instead of sending a video attachment that may or may not go through, your email or text of the video includes a preview of your video plus a Covideo link that the receiver can use to either watch or download your video. The app works seamlessly with your existing camera and messaging apps, so all you have to worry about is capturing your video and who you want to send it to.

See Covideo in action and send video messages today with our free trial. You get instant access to Covideo for 14 days, and we don’t even ask for a credit card. 

How to Send a Video Via Text Message

Everyone gets too many emails. That means even if your video attachments pass the file size limits and get through the spam filter, they’re still likely to get buried in someone’s inbox. If you need someone to get your video now, texting is a much better way to get their attention. That’s why even old professions that are slow to pick up on other technology, like automotive, real estate, sales, insurance, and consulting, often prefer to use texts instead of email. But with more people switching to texting, texting risks becoming the new email with texts getting buried under dozens of other texts if the recipient hasn’t been constantly checking their phone. Video messages both stand out in a wall of text and get people’s attention to want to watch them. You just need to figure out how to send long videos on iMessage or how to send large videos through text on Android.

The answer to how to send a video through Gmail on Android isn’t a good one since Gmail has file limits. If you look for how to send a 10 minute video on Messenger or how to send a 10 minute video on Whatsapp instead, you’ll still have to worry about file limits, data limits, phone memory, and whether people even have those apps.

Send Video in Seconds

The best answer to how to send a video via text message on Android or iPhone is using the Covideo mobile app. Covideo allows you to record new videos or upload videos from your phone. Those videos get stored in the cloud by Covideo, so you don’t have to worry about attachment sizes or running out of room on your phone. When you want to send a video, just click share. You can then use any email or messaging app on your phone to send a preview of the video and link to watch or download the full version. Covideo allows videos up to 10 minutes in length and is very easy to use. On your phone, it works just like your existing camera app or allows you to quickly access your stored videos from your camera. Your recipient doesn’t need to use any special apps or download anything ahead of time, they just click the link they get and watch your video.

Large File Transfer

Videos aren’t just the only time you may have to transfer big files. You may have spreadsheets, bundles of photos, or custom files that you can’t send through email or a traditional app. What’s really frustrating is when the file sending requirements aren’t clear. Your large file transfer might get rejected without explanation, the recipient’s messaging provider might return it to sender, or it could just get lost in space without you ever being notified your file didn’t go through. Of course, you’re usually sending large files for a reason, so you’re faced with losing both time and money when large file transfers don’t work.

If you need to know how to send large files via Gmail, Covideo only handles videos, but we can point you to solutions for other types of files. Two of the most common large file transfer services are Jumpshare and We Send It. They work similarly to Covideo and allow you to manage and send your non-video large files without the hassle of email and text message attachments.

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