Sending Video Emails will Increase Your Company’s ROI

How many people are sending emails every day? Probably everyone. How many of them are sending a personalized video email? Very few.

Sending video emails is a new form of communication that has a direct impact on raising brand awareness, increasing sales, and improving the customer experience, In this blog, we’ll cover the many benefits video can have on your business. First, let’s explore why there’s a need for using video in an email, and what better way to show you than through a video itself!

Debunking common excuses for not recording video emails

1. Feeling a bit camera-shy
Most people find themselves uncomfortable in front of the camera and feel unnatural. Of course, the part where you look into the camera instead of another human being can seem strange at first.

However, every time you practice, it becomes easier. It takes a few times of recording yourself before you begin to feel natural in front of the camera. Remember that the most important thing is to show your personality and your skills authentically!

2. Assuming the costs are too high
When you think of recording a video, you probably imagine a lot of heavy equipment and ten people running around trying to get the best of it.

Well, that idea would be accurate if we were talking about making a film. In regards to video communication, the truth is you can record your videos with something all of us already have – a smartphone!

Video platforms such as Covideo have a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. That way, your videos can be recorded in a few simple steps. Install, record, send, and benefit from video email!

3. Afraid of making mistakes
You don’t have to be perfect. We always warn our users to beware of the perfect take. It’s natural for us to want our videos to be just right, yet this usually ends up taking too much time recording over and over again. Don’t stress if you trip up on a word or two – that’s what makes you human!

With a perfectly scripted and rehearsed video, you may come off as more robotic, and less human, to your viewers. People make mistakes, forget what to say, stutter, etc. That’s normal, and you should never feel bad because of it. Instead, focus on what you want to say and the best way to say it. Talk to the recipient of your video message as if they were a friend. Be friendly, casual, and real.

Personalization: Is it for me?

Marketers know how to make their audience feel good about themselves. Creating products and messaging that makes your customers feel like you’re speaking directly to them is the magic recipe for capturing their attention. As a result, this raises brand awareness and consequently, leads to an increase in sales.

Benefits of personalization in video emails

If we started naming all the benefits of personalized marketing for businesses, this post would be neverending. So, to save you from being overwhelmed, we’ll touch on four main benefits you’ll see if you decide to implement personalized video email marketing.

  1. Improved customer experience
  2. Drive revenue
  3. Increase brand loyalty
  4. Create consistency across channels

Personalized this, personalized that… What about a personalized video email?

So, what does personalization have to do with video communication? Everything! Two-way communication can only be effective if it’s personalized. Therefore, video communication MUST be personalized if you want to achieve results with it.

While videos are the most engaging form of content right now, personalization is the most effective marketing strategy. This powerful combination will ensure the recipient of your video message feels recognized and valued.

When you communicate with your customers through video, you notice your conversations become more efficient. Contrary to written communication, you can easily explain what you want to say and emphasize what’s important.

Adding the elements such as the tone of your voice or your body language will only improve the quality of the relationship you have with your customers.

Improved customer experience is a common goal for companies, you can only achieve it with high-quality communication and interactions. There are no skipping steps here! If you want your customers to become a true brand advocate, you’ll need to communicate effectively.

Customer satisfaction = increase in ROI

As you implement personalized video messages into your communication process, you will notice many positive changes for both you and your company. Consequently, customer appreciation will lead to an increase in ROI.

By choosing the right video platform, companies will see what is essential to their customers. Some video platforms provide their users with detailed tracking information on the sent videos. For instance, if you are sending video emails to your potential customers, you can receive instant notifications when they open and view your video. In addition, you’ll be able to see who watched the video, how many times, and which parts were watched more than once.

Acquiring data and getting feedback from your targeted audience has always been a challenge. However, implementing video email provides you with detailed information and helps you improve your communication and marketing strategies for the better.

Your customers want a personalized experience

Once you gain all this information about your customers, you have to do something with it. Sending video messages in mass and tracking customer behavior is not enough.

Your customers expect a personalized experience when they interact with your brand. Each of them has their specific needs, wishes, preferences, and ideas. If you dedicate your time and focus on sending authentic, personalized video emails, you will increase brand loyalty. Of course, this is not something you can do overnight. Rather than sitting around and analyzing your situation, start recording videos one by one. A small step like sending a personalized video email instead of text will provide you with plenty of benefits.

Check out the example below of a personalized video email in the inbox so you can see just how powerful they can be. Don’t worry, you don’t even need to learn how to embed a video in an email, Covideo does it for automatically.

video email best practices example

Not to mention, you are probably already using video in some capacity and sharing clips on your social channels. Therefore, why not add them to your email communication?

Being consistent across various channels doesn’t just apply to your communication style, brand voice, messages you convey. It’s important to be consistent with the types of content you use, how you transmit these messages, too.

What do the numbers say?

Researchers at the University of Texas studied why people love personalized experiences. They found that individuals recognize when content is created just for them and is relevant to their needs.

For example, marketers who personalize web experiences see a 19% lift in sales. Additionally, 74% of customers feel frustrated with a website when content is not adapted to their preferences. When sending a personalized video email, click-through rates improve by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. Creating content, products, and services that are personalized results in a lift in conversions.

The great thing is that video content also increases conversions. Companies that use video on their landing page increase conversions by 80%. Moreover, after watching a video, viewers are 70% more likely to buy. Indeed, combining video with personalization is what will get your customers’ attention.

Whether your videos serve for promotion or communication, your customers will love them more than text or photos!

How to email video messages

Not sure how to record and send a video message? Don’t fret, sending videos as a message has never been easier with Covideo. With Covideo, you can send videos through email, text, on social media, or through your CRM.

Here we will only mention the ways of sending video emails through Gmail and Outlook. With this video platform, you can easily create emails that will catch the eye of the recipient by integrating video into your emails.

How to send a video by email with Covideo

One way to send your personalized video message is with Covideo’s Outlook Add-in. It’s integrated directly into your Outlook account so you can create and send video emails to your contact list. After plugging it in, click on the Covideo toolbar within Outlook. Now you’re all ready to send video emails!

In addition, if you want to learn how to send a video message through Gmail, you will need to use the Covideo Chrome Extension. Once downloaded, the extension will appear on the toolbar of your Chrome browser. Now you can record videos or record your computer screen wherever you are online. Likewise, if you have the Covideo Chrome extension and you’re a Gmail user, you will see Covideo integrated directly into your email. When you go to send a new email, you’ll see the option to record or upload a video. By clicking on the icon, your Covideo library will open, and you’ll have access to all your videos. Click on the video you wish to insert into your new email, and you’re good to go!

The final benefits of video email

Deciding not to use video solutions for your communication process will negatively impact your competitiveness in the market. No matter the industry, a common goal is to better than yesterday. Communication is not an exception to it!

Communication should always be a priority and something that is constantly evolving. It’s something that connects you with your existing and potential clients. If all of this wasn’t convincing enough, mentioning a personalized video in the subject line increases open rates by 19%.

The possibilities for how to use video in your business communication are endless. According to Neil Patel’s blog, approximately 50% of the marketers who used video in email campaigns saw increased click-through rates. Not to mention that the time spent reading the email has increased and that people shared and forwarded it more than they would do with a text-based email.

Start recording video emails today!

Instead of coming up with excuses on why to avoid getting in front of the camera and recording video emails, consider the benefits!

So, we’ve come to the end and it’s time to get started. Because we want you to see just how simple and powerful video email can be, we offer a 14 day trial of Covideo. Take full advantage, send as many videos as you imagine, play around with the software, get comfortable, and see just how effective video email can be. It’s totally free, no strings attached, and we don’t even ask for a credit card. So start today, and soon enough, you’ll see an increase in ROI – all thanks to video email.

Lights, camera, action!

Your turn to amp up your efforts with video

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