Typically, the Covideo blog is a forum where we can discuss, analyze and provide insight into our industry. But we’re gonna take a one-off hiatus from that format because we’re just so damn excited about what Covideo has in the hopper.

We’re thrilled to announce that next year Covideo plans to add 10 new employees to our team and nearly double our office space. This means more minds for more ideas… and a bigger office pool come March Madness.

Check out the full article here from the Indianapolis Business Journal.

 Covideo’s proprietary software allows businesses to record and send personalized videos via email, text and social media to their target audiences, helping them to communicate more effectively, build relationships faster and reinforce their brands.

Covideo offers:

  • Straightforward, user-friendly software
  • Ability to create and send UNLIMITED videos
  • Seamless integration with all email providers and CRM platforms
  • Custom, branded templates
  • Complimentary one-on-one training
  • FREE, live support for all users
  • Month-to-month pricing with no long-term contracts

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.