skylar stigall

“You Have To Understand Your Clients, Even The Frustrated Ones!”

Skylar Stigall joined the Covideo team in May of 2017 after a stint in the real estate world. She’s a 2016 graduate of Ball State University where she majored in Communications Studies. Skylar loves that her role as an Account Manager allows her to build relationships with many people and help them utilize Covideo to best benefit their business. She also enjoys being able to work with people from lots of different industries.

COVIDEO: You’ve been with Covideo for a year now. How would you describe your experience so far?

Skylar: Covideo has been such a wonderful experience for me. I moved to Indianapolis for this position, and it was the right choice. I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy coming to work every day which is hard to find. Our company culture is very unique and we are all friends who enjoy spending our days together.

COVIDEO: You work with people from lots of different industries. What about it you love the most?

Skylar: My favorite thing about working with people from lots of different industries is that I am able to meet and work with people with different personalities and business styles. I learn a lot about different industries, along with the struggles and successes that come along with their business.

COVIDEO: How important do you think it is to work collaboratively with other customer service representatives in Covideo?

Skylar: This is one of the most important roles in our position, for a couple of different reasons. We help one another when we encounter any issues with the software or with a customer. Being able to give one another advice on possible solutions and ideas makes us a better Account Management team. There have been many instances when a colleague offers up a different viewpoint or piece of advice for my account and it allows me to better help my customer be successful and improves my skills as an Account Manager.

COVIDEO: When it comes to difficult clients, what would be your advice for customer service representatives? How can you make these clients happy?

Skylar: Understanding their frustration. We have all had an experience before when we are frustrated with a company or product, regardless of the reasoning. Understanding their trouble and the reasons they are frustrated is so important. Be sure they know you care about them as a customer, and that they are valued. Do what you can to make their situation better.

COVIDEO: You are working for a company which believes that video is the best communication tool. How do you utilize Covideo in your everyday activities?

Skylar: I love using Covideo throughout my day. I can record a video and send it to my client much quicker than typing out an email. When typing an email, I tend to re-write it multiple times because I want to ensure my message is being received the way I intend for it to be, but that isn’t always possible just sending over a plain text email. If I send a Covideo, I allow myself to let my personality come through, and can easily target my message the way I intend.

COVIDEO: What benefits do you think video communication has when compared to other types?

Skylar: I studied Communication in college, so I am a true believer in effectively communicating with one another. So often, our text can be misinterpreted by the other person because it doesn’t allow them to receive our non-verbal side of the message we are trying to convey. This is completely unintentional and can potentially cause damage to the relationship for no reason at all. Video communication allows us to communicate verbally and nonverbally without being face to face.

COVIDEO: How do people react when they receive their first video email?

Skylar: I always receive positive feedback when my clients see a video for the first time! They usually say, “that is so cool and different than anything I have seen before!” Also, they are typically eager to get started once they receive their first video into their inbox.

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