Small Yet Powerful iPhone 4S Camera Lenses

If you love the readiness of your iPhone 4S camera but long for better zoom or wide angle shots, then we may have found the solution!  Photojojo offers 3 surprisingly powerful, mini lenses: Fisheye, Macro/ Wide Angle and Telephoto 2X.  The high-clarity glass lenses easily attach to your iPhone 4S (or any camera phone) using a detachable magnetic ring for a stronghold between the lens and phone.  Lens covers are included for protection and the mini storage bag fits in your pocket.  The price for the lens 3 pack is $50.
The Wide Angle/Macro Lens combination has a removable Macro ring that captures close-up detail.  The Wide Angle Lens is great for group shots and more expansive video backgrounds though some straight lines do appear slightly bent.
The Fisheye Lens creates curved edges with a 180-degree angle for a cool bubble effect.  While it creates noticeable vignetting, you can always crop the image to remove it.  Our photo came out a bit blurry, but that might have been hand movement by the photographer.  (A much appreciated and unpaid volunteer!)  We’ll take more shots and report back!
The Telephoto lens offers 2x zoom capability and does a nice job of bringing you closer to your subject.
Optional accessories include a Lens Dial Case that covers your phone and rotates each lens into place in front of your camera lens.  It also has horizontal and vertical tripod mounts (retail $249).
We took interior photos using the iPhone 4S camera alone and with the lens attachments, to demonstrate the effects.  While our results were mixed, overall we were pleasantly surprised at the capability of these small lenses and can see plenty of applications for iPhone 4S video!

iPhone 4S Standard Photo
iPhone 4S Photo with Zoom 2x Lens (per the photographer: image is intentionally focused on the fire to create a dramatic depth-of-field)
iPhone 4S Photo with Wide Angle Lens (slight rounding of image but still a great way to photograph large groups)
iPhone 4S Photo with Fisheye Lens

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