Social links add marketing power

CoVideo templates have always included customizable links directing viewers to web pages after watching your video.  While those links can be aimed at social network sites, many users prefer to dedicate links to pages more directly related to marketing their products and services.  The result: a gap in their marketing efforts. Social media marketing has exploded in the past two years and connecting contacts to your social network is now standard practice wherever possible.
With that in mind, we created Social Links.
These links appear as icons just to the right of the video email template on the viewer’s screen.  Users can add up to 12 Social Links to every video email they send (in addition to the 7 links on the template itself), attaining higher levels of interaction and longer periods of viewer engagement.  A single video email can become a marketing and brand building adventure that sweeps the viewer along for the ride! It only takes a couple of minutes to set up Social Links.

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