Capture candidates’ attention

Learn how recruiting teams use Covideo to: 

  • Individualize the hiring process
  • Attract the best talent 
  • Boost connection rates
  • Gain insights
  • Streamline the interview process

Individualize the hiring process

Selecting a job is a personal experience, so tailor the recruitment process to each candidate.

Attract the best talent

Top applicants will have more than one offer on the table. Stay competitive and make your candidates’ value known with a personalized video email.

Boost connection rates

Give candidates a reason to respond with compelling introductions and a memorable delivery.

Gain insights

Time is valuable. Tracking analytics help you measure each candidates’ level of interest in real time.

Streamline the interview process

Discover quality candidates and optimize the interview process with the reply back feature.

Increase connects today.

Boost results instantly.


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