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Step Up Your Sales Game with Video

One of the hurdles with making a sale in today’s automotive world is that it’s only part of the equation when extending your funnel. Any successful sales professional knows that once you’ve made the sale, it’s extremely important to ensure the customer is getting value from it so that you can retain their business. With so many businesses switching to a subscription based model, customer retention and referrals matter more than ever. Especially in the automotive space, where everyone knows of someone who’s in search of a new car.

So, how do we stand out against competition that always wants the mind share of our potential customers? One of the easiest ways to do so is learning how to insert a video into the body of an email. Sending video mail is easily done once you gain the ability to embed video in email. No matter where you need to embed video email, Gmail, Outlook, and of the hundreds of CRMs on the market, we can do it all. That leads to the question, how to send a video through gmail and the rest of the providers? That’s where Covideo makes it as easy as possible.

During my time in sales I’ve learned that relationships are what drives the sales cycle. Not only is making the first impression important because after all, that’s where the relationship starts, but maintaining and improving that connection is just as valuable. Sending emails to keep in touch and stay relevant to those customers is one way to keep the ball rolling but sending a video not only makes it more personable, it helps them retain the information that you are trying to convey. Which video mailer is right for you though? There are plenty of options out there but when it comes to the one that knows the world of automotive like the back of their hand, Covideo is the one and only right choice when you need to add a personal touch to your sales activity.

This isn’t your typical video conferencing tool either, you don’t need the customer right here and now. Instead you can send a video to them, whether it’s an introduction, a thank you or just a “Hey I wanted to check-in” sending it over a video makes it feel important to the customer. Most people would like to think, ‘Well I know how to send YouTube a video via email, why would I need anything else?” There are a whole slew of reasons I could give you but let’s start with the basics. First, when a customer opens a video on YouTube they are no longer in your environment, they are now getting advertisements from your competitors right in the same web page. Secondly, sending a link without the video preview feature that we provide can be a huge turn off for some customers. They don’t know what that link goes to, even if it says “” that could be a hidden link that will send you straight to virustown. We want our customers to feel safe and that they can trust us above anything else.

One more thing you might be thinking about as someone trying to up their sales game with video is how to send large video files from iPhone or Android. That’s easy with Covideo because we send our videos as embed links that show up as a preview gif to your customers whether it’s via text or email. No more sending strange links or trying to compress a video so the quality ends up looking like a 16bit Nintendo game anymore.

That’s pretty much it, when you want to maintain a relationship or even start a new one that could end with a sale in the future, using video is the way to go. Once you’re used to it, you’ll notice it’s shockingly easier than typing out an email and editing it and making sure the tone is all right. The hands down easiest way to step up your game in sales in video mail. Urban dictionary doesn’t even have a silly definition for video mail, if the professional internet jesters even can’t make fun of it then why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose but a sale.

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About the Author: Chris Kramer is an experienced SaaS pro who has been with Covideo for a couple of years, he is passionate about creating value for our customers.

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