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Email Triggers: Successfully Avoid Spam Filters

By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | August 25th, 2010

Email marketers rely on high delivery rates to get their message out and bring in sales.  Nothing can de-rail a marketing campaign faster than an ALL CAPS subject line or the words Free Offer.  Knowing which words and phrases to avoid can be the difference between reaching consumers- and landing in the trash.

Spam filters use a scoring system to determine deliverability. The higher the score, the less likely your email will make it to the inbox. And, while subject line content is a big factor, the email body text is also scrutinized for HTML code and problematic terms. Normally innocuous lines like: “Sue, my total weight loss is up to 30 pounds.” may now be zapped as spam by some of the more aggressive filters. Look carefully at your overall content to minimize trouble spots.

The lists below highlight some of the trigger terms for the subject line and email body.  While not all spam triggers are represented, this provides a starting point of the most commonly used terms.

Subject Line Trigger Terms

$$$                                                        100%                                                     free ad

affordable                                            amazing stuff                                      apply now

auto email                                           removal billion                                 cash bonus

cheap                                                    collect child support                      compare rates

credit                                                    credit bureaus                                   double your income

earn $                                                   earn extra cash                                 eliminate debt

email marketing                               explode your business                   extra income

free                                                         fast cash                                               financial freedom

free gift                                                 free info                                                free investment

free leads                                             free membership                              free offer

free preview                                       guarantee                                            hidden assets

home based                                        income from home                          increase sales

increase traffic                                  incredible deal                                  info you requested

internet market                                limited time offer                             make $

mortgage rates                                 multi-level marketing                     investment opportunity

order now                                           prices refinance remove               reverses aging

save $                                                   search engine listings                     serious cash

stop snoring                                       web traffic                                           weight loss


Email Body Spam Triggers


1-800                                                    1-888 100%                                         free

100% guarantee                                remove remove                                accept credit cards

as seen on tv                                       be your own boss                             call toll free

cash in on                                             collect your $                                    click here for removal

credit card #                                       click here to be removed              confidentiality assured

custom quote                                     dear homeowner                              dear fellow entrepreneur

debt free                                               earn extra income                            email marketing

free                                                          featured on tv                                    free consultation

free cruise                                            free free free                                        future mailing

future promotion                             get out of debt                                    get your free sample

hair loss product                              home based business                      home shopping

joke of the day                                    increase your revenue                   information you requested

life insurance quote                         limited time offer                              lose inches

lose weight                                          make money online                         one time mailing

online promotion                             reduce body fat                                 remove from list

weight loss                                          work from home                                you have won