2209, 2011

New Templates Boast Auto-Detect Links and Infinite Horizon Background

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We’re in the process of redesigning our templates to create a more dynamic visual experience.  By using an infinite horizon-style background, templates will now encompass […]

1605, 2011

CRM, Auto-Responder & Email Marketing Video Integration With Post Links

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The videos in your CoVideo account can easily be integrated into a CRM, Auto-Responder or Email Marketing system using our Post Link #5 function.  Add the impact […]

2904, 2011

Create Video Hyperlinks – Using Post Links

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Want your videos to be used for more than video email?  We figured you might.  That’s why every video stored in your account has a […]

1703, 2010

8 Key Marketing Benefits of Video Email

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The obvious benefits of a great marketing strategy are increased sales.  But it’s the not-so-obvious benefits that can mean real, lasting success for a business.  Video email provides […]

2406, 2009

Place Videos on the Web, in Browsers and Email Blasts!

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How do you add another dimension to your website? Or speak directly to customers in an email blast? With CoVideo you can place videos from […]