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3105, 2017

Video is for everyone

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In a recent article by Forbes Magazine, Rashid stated: “video is for everyone,” and I personally could not agree more. Over the years, video technology […]

104, 2016

Video marketing is great for approaching millennials

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Generation Y, better known as millennials, is an interesting customer demographic. They are born between 1980 and 2000 and have a huge impact on the […]

1712, 2013

Is Your 2014 Video Marketing Strategy in Place?

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If you haven’t already started, now is the time to develop your 2014 video marketing strategy and get your business off to a great start […]

2106, 2013

Influence Purchase Decisions With Smart Marketing

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Even the smallest purchase requires decision making.  Take gum, for instance.  It’s not as cut and dried as you might think.  Do you choose a breath freshener or fun, fruity flavor?  Sugar added or sugar-free? Bubble gum or regular?   Stick, ball, tube, tab, ribbon, string….you see where this is going.  Decisions are a part of every consumer purchase.

Smart marketing plans require an understanding of the consumer’s decision making process.  So let’s take a look at the 4 steps involved in purchase decisions.  Keep in mind, the more costly the purchase (i.e. home, car, investment), the more time and energy consumers will likely devote to at least one of the steps. […]

1910, 2011

Marketing to a More Mature Audience with Video

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If your business markets to a more mature audience, they are less likely to be familiar with video marketing than other groups.  While adults in […]

403, 2010

7 Money-Saving Reasons to Use Video Email

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We all know marketing is expensive.  TV, radio and print ads cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for limited, host-controlled exposure. The greater the exposure, […]