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3105, 2017

Video is for everyone

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In a recent article by Forbes Magazine, Rashid stated: “video is for everyone,” and I personally could not agree more. Over the years, video technology […]

2105, 2013

Barriers to Video Email Marketing: Fact or Fiction?

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Even as video email becomes a mainstream tool for online marketers, barriers (real or imagined) keep some executives from green-lighting implementation.

Surveys by the Web Video Marketing Council over the past several years clearly indicate growing adoption of video email marketing, and satisfaction with the results of it’s use.  By 2012, 52% of marketing executives reported using video email marketing with an overwhelming 88% of them saying it had a positive impact.  Three-quarters of respondents felt video improved click-thru rates, increased purchases and boosted conversions.

With so many online marketers finding success using video email, why are some holding back?


2108, 2012

5 Steps to Viral Video Success

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Viral videos are a phenomenon directly related to the exponential growth in video viewing.  As video views continue to rise, businesses are scrambling to create buzz (and drive sales) by producing videos they hope will go viral.  For small or start up businesses 1,000 views may define viral, while larger more established companies may set the bar at 10,000+ views.  In rare cases, videos may garner 1,000,000 or more views.

While no one can guarantee thousands (or millions) of views, there are a number of common elements in viral videos worth mentioning. […]

2209, 2011

New Templates Boast Auto-Detect Links and Infinite Horizon Background

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We’re in the process of redesigning our templates to create a more dynamic visual experience.  By using an infinite horizon-style background, templates will now encompass […]

2308, 2011

Grab Code to Embed Videos on Your Website

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Post links hold the code to embed videos in emails, websites and more.  We’ve streamlined the post link feature to break-out the embed code from […]

1706, 2011

Track Your Video With Viewer Notifications

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A cool feature of our video email product is the viewer notification option.  CoVideo users can be notified by email every time someone views a […]

306, 2011

Video Email Applications for Insurance Professionals

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Insurance professionals, like many others in direct sales, rely on strong relationships to not only maintain, but build their client base.  The best way to keep relationships strong is […]

2508, 2010

Successfully Avoid Spam Filters

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Email marketers rely on high delivery rates to get their message out and bring in sales.  Nothing can de-rail a marketing campaign faster than an […]