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A Little Thank You Video Goes A Long Way

If you want to build a firm relationship with your customers, clients, and partners, you’ll want to express your gratitude more often than you usually do.

Still, life sometimes gets in the way and makes you unable to shake that hand, give that hug or even to send a “thank you” card. That’s when creating a “thank you” video message comes into play. Today we’re going to share with you several tips on why, how and when should you embrace video and integrate it into your intercommunication routine.

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How to create thank you video message

It’s easier than you think. To start, help yourself by creating a short script of guidelines on what to say, but be sure to keep it short and concise. Learn what to say in a video email Be focused.The best tip we can give you is to be straightforward and not to lose the point, and that is to say “thank you.”
Also, don’t bother with creating a picture-perfect video every single time.
Be you, do you and people will appreciate that — a simple selfie-cam video with you casually, but sincerely, saying “thanks” will do its magic, too.
Sending a thank you video message also doesn’t take much time. You can record and instantly send at least three video messages in less than 10 minutes, which means you can do it outside of work without any stress or pressure.

The style of the video also depends on you: you are free to make it entertaining, humorous, or casual. Whatever floats your boat! Also, just because you made a script, you shouldn’t be afraid to go a bit off it – you might even get bonus “points” for authenticity. Just make sure that the recipient “gets the picture” right away.

Our Covideo crew tends to send “thank you” video messages often.
The prime purpose of sending a corporate thank you video is to praise our customers for being there. These messages also serve as “reminders,” letting customers know that we’re here for them, available and at their service, providing help whenever they might need it.

Thank you video ideas

Forget sending gift baskets – use short, personalized videos to express your appreciation instead.

The reactions you’ll probably get will make you feel even better. If you are searching for a bulletproof approach to express gratitude (for example, for funding or a donation) just let your recipients know that their efforts made a difference.

Include a few testimonials of the benefit and their efforts to evoke the emotion of joy. If you are wondering when the perfect time to start is, we advise you to start whenever you feel ready. Do it as a part of your morning routine to start your day full of gratitude, or do it at the end of the day to close out your work day in the most positive way.

Here are some useful thank you video ideas:

  • for taking their time to talk to you,
  • for meeting up with you,
  • for starting doing business with you
  • for completing your training
  • for signing up for a free trial
  • for being a friend,
  • for being your client for a certain period
  • for the much-appreciated recommendation
  • for a referral
  • and for all of the other amazing stuff they do every day

Check out the video below to see sweet thank you video clips sent with Covideo.

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If you’re on the Outlook team, we also have an extension for you!
Oh, and did we mention that you can also deliver great video messages by using just your phone? Use the Covideo app to send your short and appreciative videos right away.

Record one using your camera, or choose one that you previously recorded from your video library. It’s a fast and smooth solution for creating when you’re on the go!

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