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The Best Alternatives to Cold Calling: Video Messages

The reality is no one enjoys cold calls – and that goes for both the salesperson making them, and the prospect on the receiving end. However, cold call prospecting is the most direct method of increasing a customer base. This contrast has led the drive for a solution, as many are searching for some alternatives to cold calling. Lucky enough, we’ve got the perfect solution to upgrade your cold call message into a more engaging, and interactive form of communication.

The best cold calling tips 2021 style, uses personalized video. Unlike consistent phone calls to strangers, cold calling videos allow for a warmer and more human approach to prospecting. When using video for prospecting, prospect’s open and watch your video message on their own time! No schedule sharing required.

In this article we’ll share some new cold calling techniques using video along with the benefits it can add to your sales strategy.

New cold calling techniques

As mentioned, some salespeople find the cold calling process unpleasant. As a result, they may wonder how effective is cold calling? The reality is, while the process can be effective for some, it should not be the sole prospecting method. We’re here to share a new cold calling technique that will be the biggest game-changer to your prospecting and sales strategy.

Cold calling videos (better known as video prospecting), are one of the most effective telemarketing and cold calling techniques. No other cold calling tips to get a meeting are as effective in establishing a genuine connection with the potential customer. Unlike telemarketing calls, personalized video emails help your message stand out and break through the noise of a busy inbox.  Nowadays, as in person meetings have come to a halt, email has become the primary form of communication for business. As a result? Your prospects inboxes are more cluttered than ever before. In order to stand out, you need something different. Video “cold calling” accomplishes just that. 

What are cold calling videos?

In the simplest form, cold calling videos are short, personalized videos you record and send to a prospect. These videos are used when you are reaching out cold, which is why they are called cold calling videos. Typically, cold calling videos are sent via email and are used in the initial stages of the sales process.

The power of cold calling videos in sales

How does video prospecting work in sales? Instead of sending plain text or impersonal introductory email, a salesperson records their message using a personalized video email software such as Covideo. Your message doesn’t change, it’s just being delivered in a different format. Best of all, the process is simple. Instead of typing out your email, record a quick 30-second video. If you’re reaching out cold, then simply introduce yourself, explain your purpose for reaching out and how you can help. Always include a call to action at the end of the video so your prospect knows what you want them to do next. And most importantly – be authentic and add a touch of personalization to your message for the most effective results. 

The benefits of video in sales and prospecting

The short format of these sales videos are designed to increase engagement, especially since this is likely the first contact. The personalized video email is designed to be highly bespoke. Mention a recipients name and review some common pain points they likely experience. Using video for sales works best when the consumer can tell that you put time and effort into your outreach. 

Your video is immediately visible when the prospect opens your email, increasing the chances that they will watch and hear your message. Additional feature work to increase engagement and conversions amongst viewers, such as branded video landing pages, clickable call-to-action buttons, and real time notifications that let you know when your video has been viewed.

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Start making cold outreach more effective

Sales tactics work best when used as part of an overall strategy. No one prospecting method will accomplish your goals, instead combine personalized videos, cold calling, prospecting emails, and in-person meetings together for best results. Many sales professionals experience burnout from the monotonous of their routine, so it’s always valuable to consider new tools to keep outreach innovative, and fresh. This will create an effective sales strategy that energizes all involved.

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