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The Best Sales Tools for Remote Workers

Operating remotely doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your sales techniques or invest in more marketing tools for sales reps. At Covideo, we understand that the best sales tools are designed to support the real star – you. That’s why the best sales software always puts the user front and center. 

For sales reps that are used to doing business in person—meeting with clients, going to coffee, or dropping by offices to meet prospects—Covideo allows them to build a digital-in-person relationship with their clients in a safe and convenient way. 

Never forget that customers like to do business first and foremost with the people they like. Which is why a sales professional needs sales management tools that puts them front and center. 

Integrate video email into your CRM, Gmail, or Outlook

It’s one thing to have unlimited video hosting; it’s another to be able to send a video email from your favorite CRM or personal email address. Covideo integrates with many CRMs like SalesForce, VinSolutions, Eleads, Dealersocket, Reynolds & Reynolds, Slate, and Hubspot.

Coping and pasting your video into your CRM is also a piece of cake. This is perfect for remote sales representatives because they no longer need to spend time typing up emails or scheduling—yep, you guessed it—another video meeting. 

With more people communicating online, it’s important to find new ways to get your message to your clients. If you’ve spent time scheduling video conferences, then you can attest to the growing fatigue around video meetings. If you can replace a Zoom meeting with a quick video email, then it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Add a video email to your personal email by downloading our Covideo Chrome Extension or Outlook Add-in. Experience seamless video emailing with your CRM or personal email through our 7-day free trial. 

Add a screen recording to you email

A remote worker is never complete without a screen recording tool. Through Covideo’s Chrome Extension you can record yourself, your screen, and both! A few sales tips and techniques when using screen recording are to remove any background noise and try to use slow cursor movements so your recipients can follow along.

A screen recording tool is perfect for answering prospects questions and showing off aspects of your product. Regardless of your industry, screen recording is handy when a phone call or video conference doesn’t meet your client’s needs.

Download the Covideo Mobile app for when you’re on-the-go

Even remote workers leave their home now and then…download our mobile app so you can record videos on-the-go! Respond to clients and prospects quickly, so you can speed up the sales cycle.

Covideo itself is the best video chat app for groups, professionals and more because it’s so easy-to-use and straightforward. It doesn’t matter where you are or what type of smartphone you’re using – you can record and share your videos all from the Covideo mobile app. Another great thing about the mobile app is that all the videos recorded or uploaded on the mobile app will be available on your desktop account. Storing videos through Covideo is straightforward, and it makes it convenient to transport videos to different devices. 

Is your target audience listening?

The best sales tools for startups in particular allow professionals, like yourself, to customize their messages while providing analytics so they can measure their success.The best sales tips and techniques always require you to measure what you’re doing so that you can meaningfully improve on it moving forward, and Covideo is one of the best sales tools 2019 and 2020 because it allows you to do precisely that.

Through Covideo’s messaging platform, a user can measure how engaging their videos are. You can also see if viewers watched more than one part of the video, if they clicked on call-to-action buttons and so much more. Having access to viewer analytics like those is why Covideo is one of the best sales software for B2B organizations, too. The best B2B sales tools like this are hard to find but now, you don’t have to go looking for one. It’s already here!

Not only can a user measure viewer engagement, but Covideo also integrates with many applications like Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Chrome and more. It also offers sales tools Intercom integration as well. Additionally, we also offer a mobile app designed for both iPhone and Android devices.

Connecting with prospects has literally never been easier and more effective, all thanks to the video messages and other functionality that Covideo brings to the table.

Can I test Covideo before I purchase an account?

If you’d like to really see what Covideo can do and start recording and sharing videos without delay, feel free to take advantage of our 14-day FREE day trial. Once you have a chance to see how powerful Covideo is up close and personal, we’re confident that you’ll quickly begin to wonder how you were ever able to get by without it.

Contact a video expert today, or request a demo and see Covideo in action.

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