The Dual Purpose of A You Message

This is not a post about the importance of saying “thank you” in business (and life in general). Let’s go ahead and assume that you’re always following up to offer your appreciation after the close. What this IS about is getting the most out of that thank you message. Sending a simple thank you or message of appreciation for someone’s business is fast, easy and sets up a perfect opportunity to ask for that customer’s referrals and/or reviews – both important tactics to help generate new business and gain valuable feedback/insight into what you’re doing right and what you might be able to improve upon.

Anatomy of a Thank you video

Referrals are the absolute best way to get the most highly-qualified new leads. They’ve been told by someone that they trust that you’re the jam. That’s basically all they need to know. Second best: reviews. Our friends at Endorsements will tell you that online reviews are the new SEO, driving traffic to your website. At the same time, they’re building trust and confidence in you. And they’d be right on all accounts. Here’s what a Thank You video email that’s doing double duty might look like: Anatomy of a Thank You Video Email:

  1. Greeting: “Hello, John Doe, Margaret here with Covideo.”
  2. Thank You: “I’m reaching out to say thank you for your business. It is so appreciated and we’re excited to work with you.”
  3. The Ask: “I would also appreciate it if you would take a moment of your time to write a brief review of your experience with me and my company.”
  4. Call-To-Action: Please click the link below where you can submit your review and valuable feedback. Thanks again!


Protip: to get the most out of the reviews you’re garnering, give Endorsements a go. Include the URL for their review form as an exit link in your thank you message, and then their software will push your online reviews everywhere from social media sites to review sites and search engines. No need to sheepishly ask your customers to submit the same review over and over on various sites – it’s just one and done. Less effort from them and more bang for you. Finally, go forth and generate more business – simply by minding your Ps & Qs.

Check out our guide for more ideas, best practices and strategies to consider for creating an effective thank you video.

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