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The Power of Video Testimonials and How to Get Them

Summary: Video testimonials are some of the best form of marketing content around. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ll cover and why they’re so powerful. Video testimonials:

  • Spark emotional appeal
  • Increase conversions
  • Give customers a chance to advocate for your brand
  • Provide social proof
  • Tell a story

Wise marketers know that the most persuasive and credible messages don’t come from sales reps or email campaigns. They come from satisfied customers.

Just because you believe your business offers the best services and products on the market, doesn’t mean you’re the most credible source of information. However, when a message about your brand and product comes from a genuinely satisfied customer, their authentic review trumps all of your other sales tactics.

When you combine that type of social influence with the emotional impact of video, you get the most valuable kind of video content there is:
Video testimonials.

Here are 5 reasons why testimonial videos are so powerful.

1. They create a deeper and more emotional appeal for your brand.

One of the main goals when communicating with your audience should involve building trust and credibility. Customers don’t just want to know that you can solve their problem, they want to be sure that you can solve their problem better than anyone else.

According to this study, using customer testimonials on a regular basis can result in 62% more revenue from every customer, every time they visit your brand.

A whopping 92% of customers even said that they look to testimonials prior to making a purchase decision. Further, nearly 90% of customers said that they trusted these types of reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

To top it off, over 70% of participants in this study said that positive video testimonials significantly increased their trust of that specific business.
Still not convinced that video testimonials are digital marketing gold? Keep reading!

2. Video testimonials convert.

The ultimate goal of all online marketers is to convert potential customers into paying ones, and video testimonials are great at converting.

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 benchmarks study revealed that case studies were ranked as number two, and videos were ranked number three, on the list of content types most often used by content marketers.
There must be a reason as to why so many content marketers are using these two types of content: Because they work.

When you put testimonials and videos together, you get a marketing tactic that drives traffic to your site, increases social shares, converts customers, and builds trust.

3. They provide the opportunity for regular customers to be brand advocates.

Customers that have had a positive experience with your company act as brand advocates when they share their positive feedback. Video testimonials allow your message to be amplified in the best possible way, without seeming too braggy.

Customers and word of mouth marketing can really be your greatest brand champions.

4. Social proof is a powerful decision-making factor.

Consumers naturally trust each other more than they do advertising.
Think about it – when you’re pouring over dozens of gorgeous apartments on AirBnb in search of the perfect accommodation for your next trip, you probably rely on aggregated reviews from hundreds of different customers.

Simply put, people are more likely to purchase something that other people have already bought. They are also more likely to trust a brand that others already trust.

User reviews, ratings, social media posts and other forms of user-generated content have proven to be extremely powerful in influencing consumer decisions. 

By encouraging someone that enjoys your product or service to record a positive video testimonial, you’ll encourage more purchases. Their review will hold more weight when buyers are deciding to make a purchase, which will, in turn, produce more happy customers. No matter how rational we think we are, social proof always prevails.

5. Nothing beats a good story.

Not only are customer reviews powerful, they tell a story about your brand.
At the very heart of your video testimonials lie authentic stories with unique characters (your customers). Each testimonial tells a different tale about how your brand helped a customer solve a problem or achieve a specific goal.

When your prospects can picture themselves as problem-solvers with your product serving as their guide, they’ll be much more likely to make a purchase. Examples like this show the power and impact video testimonials can offer.

How do you get video testimonials?

Nothing beats a video testimonial of a satisfied client recommending your product or service. You can start gathering video testimonials today for free with a free trial of Covideo, a video email platform. Here are several easy ways you can start getting video testimonials from your clients:

1. Ask them personally.

Simply send them an email or give them a call to see if they’d be willing to record a testimonial. Even better, send them a video email! With Covideo’s reply feature, all your recipient has to do is click “reply with video” and they can send respond to your video email with a video of their own.

Keep in mind that some people are more comfortable on camera than others. It’s always best to ask people who would welcome the opportunity and who you feel would do a great job representing you.

2. Offer to interview them.

Interviews help by removing some of the heavy lifting from the recording process. Oftentimes even great video testimonials end up not being used due to their poor video quality or performance.

Instead, make it easier on your clients by offering to interview them. They will feel more comfortable and natural by answering your questions on camera and will likely produce that emotional connection you’re looking for in a testimonial.

3. Show them why it’s valuable.

Perhaps the most important factor when asking for a video testimonial is the way you ask. You want to avoid coercing someone into doing something they don’t want to do, but help them see why their story is so important to you.

Send a short message such as, “You’ve had amazing success using our product and we’d like to tell your story. Would you mind sharing your experience in a video testimonial to help inspire other like-minded business owners to see what’s possible?”

By walking through their story with them, you’ll likely uncover that your product helped them save time, solve specific issues or increased their sales. This is the kind of stuff you want to convey in a video testimonial.

The evidence

After looking at the evidence, it is clear the video testimonials are digital marketing gold. There is no better way to build connections and trust with your audience. Getting your hands on great video testimonials isn’t easy, but once you’ve gotten them, they can be some of the most valuable pieces of content you’ll have.

Start gathering testimonials today

Video testimonials might just become your best video email marketing tactic and biggest selling point. Your audience will be able to see and hear the value you offer though an authentic and sincere medium. Record and send video email, free with Covideo’s 14 day free trial, no credit card required. You won’t know until you try – so start gathering video testimonials today! 

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