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There’s A New Type of Tech You’re Missing Out On

Every company has hit a plateau at some point in their journey. Sales are low and slow, your current accounts aren’t expanding, and it seems like your otherwise powerhouse team is asleep at the wheel. It happens. During these situations, it’s make or break time. You can either try the same tactics that have been proven to fail, or you can pivot into a new direction.

Video email is a new, fun, and engaging platform that thousands of companies are jumping into. This technology benefits both your team and your clients as it drives a new and innovative reason for engagement.

Video email platforms motivate your sales team, increase the frequency of sales, and expand your existing accounts. By adding a personal touch, your team breaks up the monotony of faceless phone calls and non-personal emails.

Today’s Video Integration with Technology

When you’re browsing social media, how much more likely are you to watch a quick video than you are to read a paragraph of text? Better yet, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. Yeah, we realize this is a little ironic, but hear us out. 

Video email, conferences, and video chat are sweeping the internet. If your company isn’t on board with the rising trends and changing times, you could be left behind. When an opportunity comes knocking, don’t be afraid to answer the door to new possibilities for success.

Meet Covideo

Our process not only provides a platform to send video emails, but it also includes tracking and analytics so you can receive instant email notifications when your videos are viewed, and view reports to track views, engagement and clicks.

We set out to breathe fresh air into the world of otherwise mundane sales engagement. We do the heavy lifting, leaving you to create the content that matters. You can even upload video and audio you’ve already created.

The Benefits of Video Email

It draws attention.

Video email helps you stand out from other email communication. Our inboxes are flooded, and very rarely do we click and read the entirety of every email that comes our way. Implementing video into your sales process automatically differentiates you from you competition.

It adds personalization, which boosts ROI.

Fifty six percent of customers are more likely to buy a product or service when a personalized experience is created. Remember when Coca Cola added first names to their cans? While Coca Cola consumption was on a decade of decline,  The “Share a Coke” campaign led to a 2% increase in sales, resulting in an additional 200 million cans sold per year. 

Adding personalized video into your sales strategy helps your team see an increase in response rates and return on investment.

Why is that? Personalized video creates a human, person-to-person connection. Your recipients see that you actually take the time to write their name on a white board, and they feel an emotional response when they hear you understand their pain points and have a solution to offer.

It builds trust.

Gaining customer trust is a key indicator that often leads to a sale. And with video, you are gifted the tools to succeed. Being in front of the camera immediately puts a face to the name. This adds a level of comfortability and allows for a stronger relationship to be built between the two parties. You also have the ability to personalize your video and your message for your recipient, which creates a strong impression on your behalf.

Where Do I Start?

Alright, alright, you’re sold and ready to get started. But how? To the truly apprehensive, hesitant, and intrigued, Covideo offers a free trial for our video email services. Consider our sneak peek a view into the endless possibilities to grow your business. With a 14-day risk-free trial, you can start creating engaging pieces of media that will set your company apart. You’ll get all the benefits of our services without gambling anything. Best of all? We’ve got the resources of a Fortune 500 company with the charm of a small-town, people-centered base of operations. When you’re ready to take the jump into new territory, give us a call. Let’s grow your brand together.

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