These are the benefits of video marketing

Videos are a very important segment of the world wide web and that fact doesn’t apply to the entertainment industry only. As a marketing tool, video has been gaining some serious traction for the last couple of years and 85% of businesses are already capitalizing on it. Your brand can benefit from video marketing too. The consumers of today prefer to watch videos rather than read tons of text in their quest for information. Why is that so?
Why do we love videos?
When we compare text-based content and videos we can clearly see who’s got the pole position. Videos are entertaining and their ability to engage and persuade consumers is beyond comparison. But that’s not the only factor that’s being taken into account here – the internet users of today are as savvy as ever and they know how to address multiple channels, how to switch between services, social networks and blogs in order to get the piece of information that they need. They turn to YouTube if they want to listen to some amazing tunes or when they need help with a “do it yourself” project, but if they want to learn more about movies, celebrities, sports personas or other stuff on a more personal level, Instagram is their number one destination.
Business opportunities
The recent growth of video marketing is simply put amazing and it’s quickly becoming a win or lose type of situation for most companies. Those companies that are ready to ignore the new medium when considering their marketing campaign are bound to lose customers. Videos have secured their place as one of the best marketing solutions of the new generation. If you aim to create awareness or deliver your marketing message to your target market, video is one of the best channels for the job. Yes, videos are great for explaining all the points of sales to your clients and customers but it’s also very easy to track and collect statistics about viewership and engagement.
The example
When you think of Facebook you think about a casual social network which people use to communicate and share content for fun, but did you know it’s also a very potent marketing platform? This social marketing behemoth recently announced that one billion people have used their site in a single day! We are talking about millions upon millions of potential customers! Many businesses publish their own videos on Facebook and the benefits are staggering. The average Facebook user views four videos per day, and when you remember the number of users you can’t help but think that this social media giant is generating billions of video views every single day! Of course, Facebook counts auto-play of videos as views, but only if the auto-play is for at least 3 seconds. This works only if you upload your videos directly to your page. Facebook video marketing has been a thing for quite some time and a large number of brands and celebrities are reaping its benefits.
Video marketing is here to say and the business is only going to get bigger. If you want to learn more be sure to check our blog for other posts that can help you with your video marketing efforts

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