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Tips for Recording Videos Outdoors

Sometimes it’s nice to have a change of pace. And with many of us stuck at home these days, working outside is one way to get that change of pace. Luckily using a video message app like Covideo allows you to record outdoors and on the go – so if you’re in need, take a walk and get your work done at the same time!

However, whether you’re recording a video message or on a live video meeting, there are some things to keep in mind when using a webcam outdoors.

3 Tips for When You Record Outdoors


One of the most important things for making a video look good is proper lighting. And there’s no bigger light source than the sun. However, the sun is a double edged-sword and can ruin your video as well. So keep in mind the position of the sun when you record outdoors. If the sun is directly overhead, it can cause harsh shadows. If it’s directly behind you, it can make the video too dark. And if it’s directly in front of you, it may cause you to squint too much. Finding some shade to sit under is best when shooting outside. Overcast days are the best weather for lighting as the clouds create even shade from the sun. When the lighting is just right it makes a big difference and takes the effectiveness of video messaging to a whole new level.

Background noise

Everyone has been on that live call where there is a ton of background noise coming from one person. When you record outdoors, make sure that YOU aren’t that person. Things like lawnmowers, dogs, and street traffic can be distracting for those trying to hear you. Additionally, watch out for high winds as they can cause a lot of noise when hitting the microphone. One way around these annoyances, is to plug in some headphones, this will create clearer audio on your video messaging device. You can also use your body to block the wind from hitting it.


Since you’re already outside, you might as well use the background to your advantage! Feel free to have some trees, flowers, your house – really anything in your background. Being outside automatically catches our eyes’ attention more.  But don’t get lost in an overly distracting setting, the main focus still needs to be you.

With these tips kept in mind, go ahead and record outdoors using Covideo, a video message app. A nice change of pace is always appreciated. And if you’re looking to start video messaging for business, give us a shout at Covideo and someone from our team will reach out to you shortly to show you the ropes. 

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