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Top 2020 Video Personalization Tips

By: Kendall Povilaitis | May 5th, 2020

Times are change, and the art of sales is changed with it. Nowadays businesses and consumers want an experience that’s unique and personalized just for them. So, in a world of recommended content and account based marketing, what’s a sales rep to do? Well, here are our top personalization tips for 2020. 

Stop spending money on mass marketing videos

Professionally produced videos are not always the right solution. It’s easier to quickly create a personalized video message from your laptop or cell phone. Your recipient will appreciate the effort and creativity, and you’re more likely to get a response.

Use video email to improve engagement when sending a follow-up email after no response. Putting a face to the name makes it easier for recipients to understand that you’re not just an email in their inbox, but a person reaching out. 

Disable your automatic demo reminders

Scheduling tools are great, but why send a pre-canned message when it’s easy to provide a personalized teaser? Use video to send a follow-up email to a client after quotation, or add video to a follow-up email after sending a proposal. By personalizing these messages you are telling the recipient that you care about their time. Imagine if you sent a video follow up email after providing service, it’s safe to say you’ll impress the viewer and maybe even generate more referrals

Tailor your “thinking of you” messages

It’s great that you’re sharing relevant content with prospects and clients, but take it a step further and explain exactly why it’s relevant, instead of just providing a link, making for a polite, follow up email. Sample one for yourself!

For example, below is a sample follow up email to a prospective client:

“Hey Malorie here from Covideo. I know you mentioned that you’re looking to expand in the Milwaukee area. I just read this article that I thought was interesting about some of the policy changes there – wanted to share it with you in case those would inform your go-to market strategy.”

In this sample, Malorie connects the article with a previous conversation she had with the recipient. This could be considered a warm follow-up email, and it perfect when the lead is more familiar with the sales rep.

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