Top Personalization Tips

Times change and the art of sales has changed with it. Businesses and consumers want an experience that’s unique and personalized just for them. So, in a world of recommended content and account based marketing, what’s a sales rep to do? Well, here are our top personalization tips for 2021.

Stop spending money on mass marketing videos. This sounds ironic considering we have a professional video above, but these videos have their place. For the messages that need more personal connection and less time or money to create―use video email. It’s easier to quickly create a personalized video message from your laptop or cell phone. Your recipient will appreciate the effort and creativity, and you’re more likely to get a response.

How to create a video email only takes a camera and the Covideo software. Regardless if you’re using an internal camera on your computer or on your smartphone, Covideo lets you record, upload, send and track your video messages. Additionally, your messages can be packaged in customizable video email templates so you can leave a memorable impression on your audience. Your video marketing ROI would not include an increase of brand awareness but also include an increased retention rate. A video retention statistic from Hubspot states, “The average retention rate of personalized videos is 35% higher than non-personalized videos”.

Disable your automatic demo reminders

Scheduling tools are great, but why send a pre-canned message when it’s easy to provide a personalized video teaser? Use the Covideo Chrome Extension to record yourself and your screen.

The Covideo Chrome Extension brings all of the best parts of Covideo right into your Chrome browser and gmail account. After installing the extension to your Chrome toolbar, you will be able to quickly record your screen, yourself up to 10 minutes in length, or both at the same time. Once recorded, you can upload your video to your account where you will be able to email your video through the Covideo system or through your own!

The Covideo Chrome extension is an awesome feature that will allow you to become even more successful with Covideo!

Tailor your “thinking of you” messages

A common personalized video example is sharing relevant content with prospects and clients. But take it a step further and explain exactly why you think it’s relevant instead of just providing a link. 

Here’s an video script for inspiration:

“Hey Malorie here from Covideo. I know you mentioned that you’re looking to expand in the Milwaukee area. I just read this article that I thought was interesting about some of the policy changes there – wanted to share it with you in case those would inform your go-to market strategy. So I wanted to send those over in case they might be useful to you. I hope we can connect again soon!”

Upgrade your newsletters

Send quarterly or monthly newsletters that provide value to your clients. Remind them about upcoming features or thought leadership on a relevant subject. 

How to embed a video in a newsletter is easy with Covideo’s software. Not only do you have the option to paste a video into your own CRM or personal email. You also don’t have to look up “how to send a video through email from phone” because Covideo also has you covered!

Covideo’s mobile app allows you to share videos from your smartphone and text video messages too. 

And those are our top personalization tips for you to implement in 2021. If anyone asks you “can you embed a video in an email?” send them over to Covideo!

How is Covideo different from other video email platforms?

Great question! Unlike video email marketing companies, Covideo has the ability to safeguard your emails to ensure your video’s deliverability. We also offer an Outlook Add-in allowing users to record and send videos within the Outlook browser. Covideo also offers personalized interactive videos through the video reply feature. Now, your recipients have the ability to send a message back without having an account! Contact us to learn more about our software.

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