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Two Keywords for Your Business Success

How often do you say “Thank you”?

We are not talking about the robotic “thank you” but the real sincere one that shows people the appreciation for their acts. People love to feel appreciated. People love to see other people care about the efforts they put. Start with yourself, is there a difference for you when you submit a task to your boss, and there is no reply compared to when he shares a simple “Thank you” with you? Even though the people need so little to feel appreciated, sometimes we forget about the power of “Thank you!”.

That’s why we want to remind you how two simple words can turn your business into a people-oriented place. 

While “thank you” emails are a standard business form, in 2018 your business partners, customers, employees and all the other stakeholder need the real you. No standard scripts and templates, just sincere gratitude! Well, in 2018 video is your media! The ability to convey emotion, transform your plain text into the real personal connection. So, imagine the outcome when you combine the power of “thank you” and the power of video.

Today, the big misapprehension is that you need fancy equipment to create a video that makes an impact. All you need is a phone or a computer with a camera and you can start recording.

Situations in which you can send Thank you video

But what can you show gratitude for? There are a lot of situations where you should send a Thank you video. For example:

  •         Thank you for all the work that you do for our company.
  •         Thank you for your help.
  •         Thank you for taking time to meet with me.
  •         Thank you for trying out our product.
  •         Thank you for your time.
  •         Thank you for the recommendation.
  •         Thank you for your connection.
  •         Thank you for trusting us for so many years.

There are so many things to be grateful for, and it takes so little to show it! Your success depends on all the people in your life and the bigger the network you build the better it gets for your business. That is why we challenge you to take time and record a simple and short Thank you video for the people who helped you. Make it count!

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