Seeing Is Believing

I remember when I first started with Covideo in 2009. Back then, the idea of using video for personalized communication was still rather new. During that time, advanced technology was continuing to grow in the market and internet speeds began to improve drastically.

Technology has changed

In the world of technology, much has changed over the past eight years. Today, the idea of using video is more like “How can I get started?” instead of “Should I use video?” Nationwide, companies large and small are on board with video and utilizing the technology to stand out from the competition. Over the years there have been plenty of stories and statistics in regards to the success of video marketing. Despite all the positive publicity, you may still be wondering how video will fit into your specific business needs or you may just need assistance on how to get started. Video marketing is a wonderful tool for any business. While there are several creative ways to utilize video, this article will explore video marketing from the perspectives of a car dealership and customer.

Video in dealerships 

Let’s imagine you are a car dealership interacting with prospective buyers. Video email allows you (the sales personnel) to respond to internet inquiries with a personal face-to-face video for each prospective buyer, and helps build trust between the two parties. Using video email is the most efficient way to showcase your dealership’s top qualities and build trust with the customer so they will make a future purchase with you. As a car buyer, do you remember when you made your first car purchase? You may have submitted an inquiry on a dealership website, waited for an automated response (often containing incorrect personal information), which then asked you to “please call them at your earliest convenience.”

With that said, automated responses leave little room for personal interaction with a dealership’s potential buyer and may cause you to lose future business. Allow me to show you video email being put to work in regards to responding to a prospective buyer’s internet lead.

See Jim’s video in his dealership’s branded template with exit links.

Using video for personalized communication

As a car owner, have you ever sent your vehicle into the dealership to be serviced and was told by a mechanic that your vehicle will need extended work accompanied by a hefty price tag? Do you trust your mechanic? Do you ignore your mechanic’s recommendation and seek a second opinion? As a customer, you want to feel you can trust your mechanic’s recommendations without jeopardizing yourself, your family, and others on the road. With video email, building trust through face-to-face interaction with the customer and mechanic is crucial. How? As a service provider, video plays an important role by enabling you to provide outstanding customer service as well as upsell your RO.

Customers know that seeing is believing

Video gives the mechanic the ability to create a visual recording of an issue via the mobile app. The mechanic can then choose to deliver that video through email or SMS. This gives the customer the option to review the video and approve or decline the repair. Additionally, video email ensures the service department is doing their part in building a relationship of trust with the customer. When your business uses video to build relationships, customers appreciate that “seeing is believing” factor.

If you need specifics on how to utilize video for your business, I would love to hear from you. If you would like to try Covideo for free, visit and give Covideo a test drive .:)

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