Using Video Email to Close Out the Weirdest Year Yet

When we look back on 2020 you might reminisce on the days you worked from home, got really good at baking bread, and became extremely tech-savvy.

If you’re in a sales role, then you may also think about how much your communication has changed—both personally and professionally.

As the weirdest year yet comes to a close, most sales teams are hard at work grinding to reach their yearly quotas. By the end of 2020, we want you to say with confidence that you never gave up, and closed out the year with style. 

So, we want to offer some tips and tricks that will help you reach your sales goals in this final push. Here’s how video email can help close your quarter on a high note.

Using video email instead of plain-text emails

If you haven’t discovered the magic of video email, then let us enlighten you on this incredible prospecting tool.

Video emails are perfect when you want to stand out of the inbox and catch a prospect’s attention. These videos are not scripted and don’t require much money to produce. They are meant to put a face to the name and help build a personal connection. 

Video email messages provide an in-person feeling without jeopardizing our safety. For those sales reps who are accustomed to meeting clients or prospects in-person, video email will become your new best friend. You’ll be able to express yourself verbally and non-verbally with a video. This is by far more effective than sending a wall of text to your prospect. Better yet, you get to deliver your message how you would in person— without committing to another zoom meeting. 

There are countless types of sales videos you can send to your prospects or clients. Prospecting videos, introduction videos, follow-up videos, demos, PowerPoint presentations, product, or service videos are just a few examples of video messages.

If you want to know how video email will fit in your specific outreach strategy, connect with the experts at Covideo.

The best way to send videos is with Covideo

If you want to skip all the nonsense that comes with learning how to compress a video for email or how to send large videos via email then stick with us.

Covideo is a video email platform that allows you to send recordings via email or text. Our software embeds a video in Outlook, Gmail, text messages, and a plethora of CRMs. When you embed a video in an email with Covideo you are also able to autoplay a video in the email body. Similar to a gif, the animated snapshot will loop the first few frames of your video. Once the recipient receives a Covideo, they just need to click on your animated snapshot to watch your video. Check out our video below to get a better understanding of Covideo in action.

Video emails that will help you close out 2020

To send a video email is a lot easier and effective than you may think. 

Covideo provides video analytics and hotspot details on your video. So, when you send a video by email or text to a prospect, you’ll be able to see who viewed your video, when, and how much of the video they watched.

Mind-blowing right?

You no longer need to wait to see who’s engaged – you’ll get notified the moment a prospect opens or views your video. With the end of the quarter in sight, you need to focus your time on leads that show real interest. With video analytics, you can pinpoint who to follow-up with and develop a game plan to increase those buzzer-beater conversions.

It all starts with a great subject line

Similar to plain-texts emails, you still need compelling video email subject lines to grab your recipients’ attention.

Here are a few cheeky ideas to get you started:

  • Video for {prospect’s name}
  • Are you making these mistakes?
  • 30 secs (or less) video on {pain point}
  • Are you ready for 2021?
  • BTW {mutual connection} told me to get in touch with you
  • Oh! I forgot to mention…
  • Next steps?
  • You’ve got video mail!

When sending a video email we recommend adding “video” to your subject headline to increase open rates by 19%. But – that’s not all. According to video commerce firm, Liveclicker, “Video in an email drove an average 21% higher conversion rate and a 24% higher average order value when compared to emails that relied on static images.”

Plus, adding a touch of personalization to your email is essential in your outreach. To do so, write your prospect or client’s name on a piece of paper and hold it up at the start of your video. When they open their email, an animated snapshot will be far more eye-catching if the recipient sees their name on it.

Want to try video emails for free?

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