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Using Video For College Admissions

It’s no doubt that video has monopolized the internet and reigned as the king of content – especially amongst the younger generations. That’s why, if you’re trying to recruit the generation that makes up the majority of college campus applicants in America, admissions officers should invest in modern communication platforms. 

Gen Zers – that’s anyone born between 1995 and 2010 – have changing expectations in the way they communicate with their potential college or university. And on the flip side, attracting top students has become increasingly more competitive. 

Which is why, when you’re working to recruit the next incoming class of college freshman, using video is the best way to reach and resonate with Gen Z.

Why Video?

After making the decision to pursue a higher education, students can send their applications to thousands of colleges or universities across the country. 

So, how do you influence applicants that your school is their best option?

Using video throughout the process not only helps you capture the attention of your ideal students, but also allows you to stand out against your competitors. Higher education marketing needs to be innovative, engaging, and captivating which is why colleges and universities are using personalized video for college admissions, advancement, and student success.

Deciding on a college is an extremely personal decision, considering it becomes a student’s school and home for the upcoming years. Receiving a personalized video throughout the application process makes the recipient feel more comfortable with you and the school. It also eliminates some of the fear and nerves that surround this new stage in life. And, with video, you put a face to a name which creates a friendly point of contact at the school. 

Admissions Videos You Should Be Making

Okay, so you know that you should be using video to communicate with prospective students, but you’re not sure where to begin. Check out these college admission video ideas to get you started. 

Follow Up With Students 

After having contact with a prospective student, send a follow up video. The context of these videos will vary depending on the situation, but the options are endless. Record a video letting students know it was nice meeting them, thank them for visiting your booth at a college fair, or respond with a video email to someone’s question. These all add a personal touch to the process and strike an emotional chord with the recipient. 

Notifications About Campus Visits 

It’s common for students to visit campus before making their final decision in order to get a taste for what it’s like. Sending a personalized video to the student creates excitement before the visit, and is an easier way to relay all the necessary details such as time, location, parking info, schedule for the day, etc.

Application Information 

Submitting applications is an enduring yet exciting process. Most students impatiently wait to hear back from the colleges they applied to. Send personalized videos thanking students for applying and letting them know when they can expect to hear back on next steps. Or, send a video congratulating students on their acceptance. This shows sincerity, authenticity, and makes your candidate feel wanted and excited about your school. 

Use Video To Improve The Recruitment Process

The prestige and success of a college heavily depends on its ability to recruit and enroll top students. Admissions videos help you relate to your audience, grab their attention, and tell your schools’ story in a compelling way that overall, will increase enrollment of the incoming class.

Above all, recruitment videos articulate your student body, community, campus values, and school spirit in a way that plain text cannot.

Whether you are creating recruitment videos, follow up videos or videos regarding students’ applications, this medium is a must in admissions.

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