Video in Insurance

Using Video in Insurance

The insurance industry is ever-expanding, and staying on top of the market is no easy exploit. In the face of changing consumer demands, advances in technology and increases in data, insurance companies need to keep up with the trends. The future of this industry will be shaped by those who have the courage to build value for their customers and deliver that content better than their competitors.
How does one create value in a market that is designed to make it difficult to set oneself apart? By using video in insurance.
This medium offers a time-saving and economical way to reach clients and prospects. So, it should be no surprise that the demand for video has never been higher.
We’ve listed a number of ways your insurance business can deliver a new level of service and expertise by simply clicking the record button.

Here are 9 ways to use video in insurance:


A great way to acquire new customers by using video in insurance is during acquisition. When done the right way, video can be a strong acquisition channel. This is exactly where your customers are and it’s how they want to consume information. Try implementing some dynamic video ads on Facebook or sending a personalized quote video to a potential customer. Your extra effort will be appreciated, and the chances of your content being digested shoot up to 5.3x higher.


Getting started with any new company can be confusing to many people. Personalized videos offer an engaging way to welcome new customers to their new insurance policy. This is a great opportunity for you to explain the policy in more detail along with the coverage that it offers. Talk about the perfect way to start your relationship off on the right foot!
Additionally, you can use video in insurance to onboard new employees. Typically, an employer’s ultimate goal is to get their new hires up-to-speed as quickly as possible. Video can help kick-start the process of integrating them into the team. Video offers a number of benefits as an onboarding tool, including:

  • Giving staff the ability to go back and review training materials on-demand
  • Create more consistent messaging – this is especially important when teams are spread out among a number of offices or even work remotely
  • Video can often capture the energy of staff culture, something that written documents cannot. This can be a great way to get new employees up to speed on the way things work in the office.

Policy Renewal

Make insurance a personal matter when you reach out to your customers with a personalized video. You can transform touchy subjects, like policy renewal, into a positive opportunity to engage with your clients when you use video. Be sure to keep in touch with your customers prior to their contract renewal. Proactively reach out to them with video messages to reiterate your dedication to customer service, inform them of any policy changes, etc.

Cross-sell and up-sell

Regularly keep in touch with your customers by using video in insurance. This will allow you to offer your customers relevant products or upgrades in a more natural way.

Claim processing

Personalized videos can really help ease customers who are going through the confusing, and often complex, claims process. Many companies are already using video in insurance claims processes by putting a human face on the interactions. Being there for your customers, even virtually, and helping them through the details relevant to them, can really go a long way.

Internal communication

Excellent communication is the key to a successful work environment. While email is a great way of getting information from person A to person B, it also runs the risk of getting skimmed or even ignored. However, by adding videos to your internal communication strategy, you’re opening up an entire range of benefits.
While recording videos can seem like a time-consuming endeavor at first, remember that a video you send to your team doesn’t have to be super polished. It can be both easy and quick to record and send important information with video.

Marketing communications

Let’s face it. The insurance industry isn’t exactly bursting with fun and engaging content. However, today’s insurance carriers have proven to be pros when it comes to creating interesting ads. Video in insurance has become a reliable tool for helping carriers stand out from one another at every point in the customer’s life.

Social knowledge sharing

Many insurance companies are structured in a traditional manner with claims, operations, and service all working as separate units. This can often make collaboration difficult. Because of this, many insurers turn to video to document day-to-day working operations. These documentations can help give teams throughout the organization a better understanding of how each individual team works, and how everyone can work together.

Preserving employee know-how

When faced with the loss of top talent, many managers often feel helpless as they watch a wealth of wisdom walk out the door. In an industry where employee expertise are essential to continued operations, employers turn to video. Video makes it easy for organizations to document the knowledge of veteran employees, making it accessible to anyone in the organization even after that person leaves.

In conclusion

Video in insurance has clearly been gaining significant traction. It makes total sense: The insurance industry is one that craves appealing visuals and engaging content. Is your insurance company using video yet? Upgrade your communication strategy by signing up for our 14 day free trial today!

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