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Using Video In Your Follow Up Emails

By: Guest Author | May 8th, 2020

Follow up emails are a staple for any successful sales professional. Unfortunately the best ways to follow up with customers are evolving constantly, and many of us aren’t keeping up with the latest trends. Even when writing warm follow-up emails that should be an easy sale, most people still aren’t doing it effectively. I’m guilty of it too! 

When writing a plain text email, our message is more likely to get lost in a flooded inbox and overlooked, leading to an ineffective follow up and lost deal. It happens, but when you incorporate a video into your sales follow up emails it will engage your prospect and drive action.

Whether you’re sending a follow up email after providing a service or sending humorous emails to get your prospects attention, adding video into your tool set really helps diversify your process. In my experience, it’s much easier to send funny sales follow up emails when you can get the joke across over a video. Try it for yourself, think of your favorite stand up comedian telling a joke and type it out. Now go watch a video of them telling the same joke. Big difference. It’s pretty clear that if you’re trying to send funny prospecting emails to set yourself apart and build rapport with a prospect, video is the way to go. Video communicates your message effectively, but unfortunately, we can’t help you on how to write funny emails, that’s up to you.

Another issue with not using video in your process is when you send a follow up email after sending a proposal. We have all done it, we use the polite follow up email sample our colleague gave us or the cold email follow up template we were provided with back in training. But we forget to do one thing… edit the content. Getting a response from someone calling you out for not changing the [Name] in the greeting of the email will surely wake you up! Fortunately, when you make a quick 30 second video instead; those issues of editing old content aren’t present. You make the video, copy and paste it in your email and BOOM, it’s off to get you a sale.

There are a million options when it comes to making changes to how you do things, some more difficult than others. When it comes to how you follow up with customers over email, using video is an easy pivot for you and your team to make. Hell, even funny work emails in the office are more entertaining when you send them with a video, so why not give it a try!

Looking to add video Into your follow up emails?

Next time you’re struggling with getting your leads to come in for a test drive, try to send a sales follow up email with video. It only takes a couple of minutes, it’s faster than typing and editing an email and it’s fun! Even if you are camera shy, we have plenty of tips on how to get over that hump. Feel free to reach out to one of our auto experts or start a trial today!