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Using Video To Connect With Gen Z

If you want to connect with a generation that seems to spend a majority of their time engrossed in their devices, you at least must learn to communicate in a way that resonates with them (hint: it’s video). With teens watching an average of 68 videos per day, video is one of their main forms of communication. Learn to talk their language and incorporate personalized video software into your outreach process.

Nearly half of Generation Z will spend 10 hours per day on a device, and 71% will watch over three hours of online videos. With incoming freshmen living these digital lives, connecting with them on a digital platform could be what sets you apart from other colleges and universities.

But have no fear – even in this digital world, you can still get face time with students and build relationships through personalized video messages. Videos attract attention, making you stand out and better convey your message.  

Covideo is a personalized video app that allows you to record and send personalized videos. Free in the app store, after you sign up for a 14-day trial, the Covideo mobile app makes it easy to take these videos on the go to show off your campus. For example, you can highlight a dorm room or even a landmark on campus.

Recording a video is simple. In the app, just hit the record button and film your message. When you’re done, you can trim the video and give it a title. In the video library, you can send it out through email or text message.

And it’s that easy to build a connection with future students and set yourself apart. If using video has piqued your interest, feel free to contact us here at Covideo.

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Covideo is a personalized video platform that makes it easy to record, send, and track. Create personalized videos online – from one-to-one, individualized outreach to mass personalized videos. Not sure where to start? Connect with a video expert on our team and learn how to make personalized videos.

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