Video – A Communication Standard

Over the past several years video has become commonplace on social media, entertainment and news websites as an information source. Indeed, we can say that video is a communication standard. Nearly everything from standup comedy to meetings of international leaders is available for viewing somewhere on the internet. Over 300 video sharing websites like YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket and Blip TV connect millions of people around the globe. And the list is growing daily. The general public no longer thinks of video as a novelty, it’s the norm. According to comScore Video Metrix Service, 170 million US Internet users viewed nearly 31 billion online videos in the month of November 2009.
That’s an average of 182 viewed per user. The average viewer watched 12.2 hours of video with an average video length of 4 minutes. With such a powerful media being accessed by 84.8 percent of the total US Internet audience why aren’t more businesses making the transition to this form of communication? Perhaps they’re not aware of the many applications of video. Below are some business examples for its use.

Promotional Videos:

Create videos to promote your business and enhance sales materials.

Events & Seminars:

Capture events or seminars and email the video to prospects and clients.

Customer Follow-Up:

Create and send video emails after a transaction or initial contact.

Product Training:

Quick reference, instructional videos for your customers when using your products.

Employee Training:

Videos explaining common procedures or specific job responsibilities.

Social Network Updates:

Add a video to your Tweets or Facebook posts to grab attention.

Tradeshow Displays and Exhibits:

Finally, no more boring booth space! To sum up, videos add the extra dimension that brings in attendees.
This list only hits on the most obvious uses of video. Finally, the applications are virtually endless when a business embraces this new technology.
Remember, just over five years ago YouTube didn’t exist.

Lights, camera, action!

Your turn to amp up your efforts with video

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