Video Beats Text Every Time

It’s estimated that we as consumers are exposed to thousands of ads every day. But the question remains, how many of them actually compel us to take action and what about them catches our attention?
With advertising overload, it’s becoming more integral for marketers to know how and where to reach consumers in a manner that strikes a chord with them. One form of marketing that has skyrocketed in recent years is video, and recent Forrester figures show that 100 million internet users watch online videos every day.
Furthermore, video advertising has proven to generate even more interest than written text or photos. The online community features a study showing that consumers are 39% more likely to share an online video than a text article and 56% more likely to “like” it. The survey also found that once you attract one interested party, more follow because almost 60% of Internet users will watch a video that’s already been shared or liked.  Hello, viral video!
The key is to generate video content that interests viewers. In addition to sharing engaging content, video quality and the avoidance of “hard sell” techniques can increase the potential for engagement. People want to be amused, touched or even irritated, and great video content can invoke reactions faster and more effective than print ads.
It’s a pretty simple equation: Great Videos = More Customers. A recent Covideo client – CardinaleWay Mazda – won over new customers simply for using video email, versus the age-old text email. In a survey, one customer shared that video email “communicated very well without harassing me. I went to this dealership because of the video, and the location was a close second.”
Video advertising works and can be effective in sharing your messages, driving engagement and ultimately encouraging consumers to take action. It’s time to show and tell.

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