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Record, save & share with unlimited video cloud storage

With Covideo, you can upload and host files, videos, and more – then send and share at ease with quick links.

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covideo screenshot features
covideo screenshot features

Files: Upload, host, and send with links

● Upload and host practically any file type like documents, images,
audio and video files.
● Use your file’s short link for easy sharing and collaborating
● Turn your documents into calls-to-action for your videos, without
having to host them on external sites.

Screenshots: Capture, mark up, share and store

● Easily capture part or all of your screen or even the full webpage
● Mark up screenshots with text, shapes, emojis or hide portions
of it with the blur tool
● Share your screenshots with anyone, using a short link that’s
automatically copied to your clipboard
● Store and organize your screenshots in one secure place

covideo screenshot features

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covideo features

Video Cloud Storage: Unlimited Access with Covideo

A cluttered desktop can make it hard to sort and organize all of your files, and can even result in lost documents. Covideo’s new files and boards feature can be a huge game-changer when it comes to video cloud storage and online cloud storage solutions. With Covideo, you can upload an unlimited amount of files, videos, and more and easily share these files with a quick link. In this article, we’ll be going over the new files and boards feature as well as highlighting the points below:

  • What is cloud-based storage?
  • Why cloud storage solutions are so useful
  • Why Covideo is the best cloud storage for videos and other file types


What is cloud-based storage?

Cloud based storage can offer you unlimited possibilities when it comes to how you want to store, organize, and manage your online files. Cloud storage is when your files, whether they be videos, documents, photos, etc… are stored in the ‘cloud’. When your files are stored in the cloud, you’re able to access them through the internet without having to use any hard drive space to store them on your actual desktop.
Some popular cloud storage companies that you might’ve heard of include Dropbox, Google Drive, and more! These brands are known for being the best cloud storage companies available to users but may often lack features that other applications like Covideo do not. In terms of the best cloud storage for personal use, we recommend using Covideo. Though Covideo specialized in video email and messages, the new files and boards feature can help you completely revamp and optimize the way that you store your files in the cloud. When storing your files in the cloud, you can feel assured knowing that they’re safe, won’t get lost, and can be easily accessed by you or anyone you share them with.

The need for cloud storage services

Individuals rely on personal cloud storage for a number of different reasons and use cases. When it comes to file storage and document storage, some files are easier to store than others. Different file types like documents, videos, and pictures all take up a different amount of storage space. Because videos tend to be the largest and hardest type of file to store, many people run into difficulties and issues finding ways to store these files and send them. Video cloud storage can help you effortlessly store videos and send them with short links instead of finding ways to attach them to emails.
If you’re accessing certain files for work, you also want to make sure that they’re easily accessible, therefore, cloud storage for business is a great solution to that. Different cloud storage providers offer different amounts of storage, at Covideo, we always offer unlimited storage. Whether you need to store and send long videos, organize groups of pictures and files, or simply share different documents with a link, cloud storage offers an easy-to-use solution.

Using Covideo for files, documents, and video cloud storage

At Covideo, you can record, send, and track video messages quickly and easily. Covideo is the #1 video email platform for businesses and comes with many different types of features that can help you transform how you communicate with colleagues, customers, and offers complete secure cloud storage. Covideo’s new boards and files feature offers unlimited online file storage for people to upload documents, videos, pictures, and any other types of files. The feature that separates Covideo from other cloud storage options is the fact that we provide more than just cloud storage options. Whereas other software like Google Drive and Dropbox only specialize in this feature, Covideo’s personal cloud storage is just an added benefit to a platform that makes it easy to record and send videos and also take, store, and send screenshots.
Because of Covideo’s other features, this is an especially powerful tool for business because it offers a lot of features in one reasonably priced package. Covideo offers the best cloud storage for business and the best video messaging platform on top of it. Covideo’s link sharing feature makes it super easy to share a large file with one short link that you can add password protection to make it more secure.

Get unlimited video cloud storage with Covideo

With Covideo’s cloud file storage and video recording and sharing features, the application is an all-in-one tool that you can use for both personal and business use. The best cloud storage and video cloud storage tool should also give users the ability to try the product out and test it out for themselves.
With Covideo, you can use video recording software free of charge with all of our standard features and the best personal cloud storage to see what it’s all about. Start a free trial to incorporate video messages and cloud storage into your day-to-day workflow and to communicate more effectively, increase email open rates, response rates, and increase overall engagement and conversions; no credit card required! Learn more about our demo now!

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