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Our first article in the Video Email Business Application Series focuses on Realtors.  Video email has a wide range of applications for real estate professionals but virtual tours are the most obvious and often used.  The ease and convenience of taking clients on home tours, without ever leaving the office, is extremely appealing as it saves time and money.  It’s an excellent way for Realtors to make use of video but certainly not the only way!
Communication between real estate agents and clients often begins with Internet inquiries.
Video introductions are a wonderful response to such leads.  They are usually personalized but can be created for general viewing, depending on individual preference.  Visual introductions give prospects an insight into an agent’s personality, professionalism and knowledge, and pave the way for future communications.  A day or two after the introduction, follow-up topics may include:
(1) Explanation of the home buying process
(2) 1st time home buyer information
(3) How to select the right house for lifestyle & needs (condo, townhome, single family)
(4) Home affordability
(5) Calculating mortgage costs
(6) Community information (schools, shopping, industry, parks)
(7) Testimonials.
Template links can direct viewers to website pages correlating with the video message.  The common denominator in the above-mentioned applications is their informative, helpful nature designed to build trust and gain a better understanding of the buyer in order to better serve them.  Realtors working with buyers interested in new construction can send a video email on local builders (with links to their websites). Once the home search begins, sending virtual tour videos is an effective tool as mentioned above.
In addition, video emails are an efficient way to communicate throughout the buying process: new home listing updates, offer responses, inspection information, lender requirements and appointment reminders; attaching documents when applicable.  Videos explaining foreclosure and short-sale procedures are especially pertinent in today’s housing market.  Immediately after closing, a ‘thank you’ video including Homeowner Tips (general maintenance, lawn care, heating/cooling system checks, etc.) is a thoughtful way to complete the transaction.
Communicating with sellers requires a different set of informational video emails.
(1) Home staging ideas
(2) Getting a house ready to sell (clean up, clear out, minor maintenance) 
(3) Home valuation
(4) Realtor marketing efforts 
(5) Market value vs appraised value
(6) What are comparables?
(7) Home inspections for sellers
(8) Help for distressed properties
(9) Relocation services.
Video emails sent throughout the sales process are similar to those for buyers – with appropriate tweaks.  After each closing, clients will appreciate a personal video ‘thank you’ for their home listing. Sending additional touches throughout the year maintain and develop relationships forged during the home buying/selling experience.
Agents can send video emails that highlight sponsored community or charitable events, ask for referrals and testimonials, or feature local service vendor lists.  Video messages add a splash of energy and personality to email newsletters!  And, holiday and special occasion videos are an excellent way of saying hello throughout the year. At the end of the buying cycle, Realtors often distribute coupons for local businesses to new home buyers.  By working with those businesses to sponsor a coupon web page, the real estate agent can add the link to their ‘thank you’ video email template and the businesses will save money on printing and delivery costs.  Armed with so many video email applications, Realtors can simplify and even speed up the process of home sales, while building stronger relationships with their clients and that’s a winning combination!

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