Video Email Equals Savvy Marketing

A recent webinar on video email marketing (or video commerce) turned up some interesting information.
Nearly 300 participants in a video marketing seminar were asked their level of video email expertise. 10% considered themselves clueless, 50% called themselves novices and 25% claimed intermediate status.
Only 15% identified themselves as either advanced or expert.  Experience also played a role in participants attitude toward video email with only 25% optimizing video marketing opportunities.
In other words, the vast majority of businesses are not using or effectively using video email to market their products and services.
Studies have shown that consumers are trending heavily to video content online.  Savvy business owners recognize videos increase viewer engagement, heighten loyalty and effectively build brands.  Text emails have become commonplace.
Marketers need to differentiate themselves in the inbox by using creative strategies and video adds the extra dimension needed to spur viewings.  (A Covideo customer recently told us his emails had an open rate of 22% on average.  When he included video the open rate immediately increased to  50%).
Create the optimal experience for your subscribers and increase your email marketing performance by adding a video email from Covideo to your marketing strategy.

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