j.j. birden

“Video email has been a game changer for me!”

Once a professional American football player, J.J. Birden is now a health & wellness coach, keynote motivational speaker and bestselling author that helps people improve their lifestyle. We are proud to say that he has been a passionate video email user for over 8 years.

For him, Covideo represents the number one business tool when it comes to communicating with his clients. With customers all over the world, face-to-face communication is not always realistic. That is why Covideo has been a fantastic game changer. “When you send a video email to someone it’s more personal, you can say their name. They can see and feel your emotion when you try to communicate with them. Many time, it’s resulting in establishing new business relationships”, J.J. explained. Aside from communicating with potential new prospects, he uses Covideo for team training and support because of its simplicity to wrap the information. J.J. also enjoys the tracking system that gives him insights on who opened his video email and viewer engagement, and that is very important for him in his communication with multiple business partners.

Maybe it’s best that you see and hear from J.J. himself how he utilizes Covideo in his business!

Covideo provides video email software that helps businesses and individuals communicate more effectively, build relationships faster and reinforce their brands with easy-to-make personalized videos.

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