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Connect and convert with video email

Record, send and track personalized videos that improve response rates, increase sales opportunities and close more deals. Make this even easier with a video email software.

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Record with ease

Easy recording

Record personalized, one-off videos using your smartphone or webcam.

Instant upload

Upload existing materials like marketing videos to utilize all of your video assets.

Screen capture

Record your screen, your face, or both using Covideo’s Chrome extension.

Video library

Create a comprehensive library of video content you can use over and over.

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Customize your approach

share your video


Include customizable buttons that drive engagement and set clear next steps.

Video landing page

Opt for a custom-created landing page or select from our ready-to-use designs.


Add captions to ensure accessibility and reinforce your message.

Customizable player

Control of colors and design of your video player to fit your brand.

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Send from anywhere

Simple sending

Send your videos via email, text messaging or from your CRM.

Social sharing

Share videos on social media or send them via direct message.

Website overlay

Drive traffic to relevant sites by laying your video over the URL of your choice.

Compressed links

Send with confidence knowing your videos won’t get caught in spam filters.

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Track your success

video analytics

View notifications

Receive real-time notifications that alert you when your videos are viewed.

Detailed reporting

Gain powerful insights through analytics that track views, engagement, & clicks.

Admin reports

Leverage team reporting to drive adoption and see where you’re winning.

Record your first video in minutes.

Boost results instantly.


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Video Email Software

If you had to make a list of some of the most powerful communication mediums available today, video would undoubtedly be right at the top. This is especially true in a business setting, where videos are a powerful opportunity to inject emotion into a message to help preserve and empower the relationships that organizations are forging with their own clients.

In no uncertain terms, communicating via video is a true game-changer for businesses. When you send video email free through Covideo’s Start a free trial or use a video email app, you’re doing so much more than just shifting the conversation away from words alone. This is a powerful strategy that helps across all departments of your organization, often in more ways than one. In addition to allowing you to stand out more in terms of sales, you can also get more traction on your emails by instantly standing out in someone’s crowded inbox. It’s easier to get your message across, you get to support customers with demonstrations and screen recording, internal communications amongst the company have never been easier – the list goes on and on.

Don’t take our word though! Request a Covideo demo and experience a video email software with your own eyes.


Why use a video email software

One of the reasons why learning how to record a video to send via email is so important is because communication is 93% nonverbal – which means that the look on your face matters just as much (if not more) than the words coming out of your mouth. Video email examples prove that video not only helps to show emotion, but it’s also easy to understand in a way that is also very convenient to receive on behalf of the people you’re speaking to.

These are all among the many reasons why video email platforms like Covideo are so important, too. You can quickly record a video using your webcam, on the Covideo mobile app, or even via your desktop computer. Then, you can make customizations to your video – like choosing a landing page where your video will play or adding clickable call-to-action buttons to direct viewers to take those important next steps.

Then, when you’re ready to send, you can send it via email using the Covideo video email Chrome extension, you can have it set to autoplay video in email and so much more. You can even send it via text or social media – the choice is truly yours. Keep in mind that when you embed a video file in Outlook email, this increases engagement in a way that also entices viewers to click on your video when they open your email. The entire video doesn’t autoplay in the video email – only the first five seconds. So once the recipient clicks on the video thumbnail, they will be redirected to a video email template where your video is hosted. Truly, you’d be hard-pressed to find another way to embed a video in an email that’s more powerful than that.

Likewise, video can be used on ALL email platforms – like Outlook, Gmail, through your CRM, on the Covideo mobile app – it doesn’t actually matter what your current platform is, Covideo can support it in all the ways that you need.


Video Email Marketing

As stated, video email marketing statistics prove just how valuable and essential the best video email marketing tactics are for businesses in general. Email marketing is still one of the most widely used strategies and now, video email marketing software like Covideo can help make it even more effective.

Video email subject lines, for example, let people know right away that video content awaits them – thus making it far more likely that they’ll click on your video email message in the first place. Keep in mind that simply using the word “video” in your subject line can boost open rates by as much as 19%. It can even reduce unsubscribe instances by 26%! Video email marketing companies with solutions like Covideo are the perfect opportunity to get started with all this because they make it all so much easier than you could have ever thought possible.

Successful video email marketing examples also show you how to use video in a host of creative ways, like by creating more personalized content to really make people feel like you’re talking to them and them alone.


Video email for Outlook

Speaking of Covideo, the real opportunity here takes the form of how you can now easily embed video in email messages with just a few quick clicks of your mouse. This means that the video actually sends in the body of the email, not as an attachment that someone would have to download.

When you upload a video into an email as an attachment, a lot of people don’t realize that there are actually some fairly strict size specifications for that video. If the attachment is too large, you won’t be able to send it and if you can, it’s very likely that your message will get caught in SPAM filters, never to actually be read.

By learning how to embed video in Outlook email body with Covideo, it sends as an automated GIF. This feature is the perfect way to really grab the attention of the recipient, which itself increases the chances of your message being heard. Plus, you can skip the research on how to send a video through email. With an attachment at the bottom of the email, it’s very easy to overlook or miss that content. With Covideo, you can embed your video in all email platforms – including via the free video email for Outlook extension, which allows you to embed video in Outlook 365 email, too.


Best video email service

At this point, it’s important to mention that Covideo is hardly the only player in town in terms of this type of video marketing solution. Many other companies exist, including but not limited to ones like Bombbomb, Dubb, Vidyard, and more. Many Bombbomb reviews show that the biggest differentiator between that and Covideo, however, comes down to customer service – something that the former simply cannot match. Bombbomb features support and Bombbomb integrations, to be fair – it’s just that Covideo offers free customer service to everyone, and accounts with five or more users get access to their own dedicated account manager. Oftentimes, the biggest complaint about Bombbomb that has people searching for a Bombbomb alternative has to do with their customer service, or a lack thereof.

The same is true of the Dubb video email service. Dubb integrations are also plentiful and the Dubb Chrome extension is widely used (as is the Bombbomb Chrome extension, for that matter), but Covideo is also the only video email platform that offers the option to add in automated closed captioning to your videos. This is an incredible opportunity to make sure that EVERYONE can enjoy your message to its fullest extent – even people who are hard of hearing or who may be viewing your content with the sound off.

Learning how to email a video is just a click away! Sign up for Start a free trial and start sending video emails.


Additional video email software features

Like the other two options, Covideo also has a Chrome extension that makes recording videos an easy and seamless experience right from your web browser. Covideo also has a mobile app so that you can record videos from any mobile device you happen to have, which is another thing that a lot of customers love. Both the Vidyard app and the Bombbomb app are available, sure – but they don’t offer the same seamless experience that Covideo has become synonymous with.

Covideo also proudly integrates with all of the other everyday tech tools that your business has come to rely on, with Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, a host of different CRMs (customer relationship management platforms), and social media, just to name a few. So not only is Covideo high on the list of potential Bombbomb competitors that you should be considering, but its Chrome extension is also far more versatile than something like the Vidyard extension, too.

Of course, Covideo also has a number of other critical features that you should be aware of. The solution’s detailed reporting capabilities allow you to gain powerful insights with analytics that track views, engagement and clicks, for example. This allows you to instantly see what is working and, more importantly, what isn’t – all so that you can double down on the former and get rid of the latter as soon as possible.

Covideo is also second-to-none in terms of its end-user experience. Don’t forget that there are NO attachments to deal with. You’ll never work with raw links again and you won’t be forcing people to download something. Your viewers just get an engaging, clickable thumbnail that can be viewed from any device and any browser – exactly the way things should be.


Get started with a video email software

So if you’re still interested in learning more about the power of video email software or if you have any additional questions that you’d like to discuss with an expert in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact your friends at Covideo today. At the same time, you should be aware of the fact that you can also sign up for a totally free 14 day trial in a matter of minutes – the best way to email videos is to do it with Covideo.

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