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"Video email solves problems before they arise!"

Covideo sits down with superstar Covideo user, Greg Gale, to discuss how he uses video email as a loan officer and trainer with The CORE.

  • Name: Greg Gale
  • Company: The Gale Team – NOVA Home Loans
  • Covideo user for: 2+ years
  • Frequency of use: Daily
  • Primarily uses Covideo for:
    • Putting a face to a name for new/prospective clients
    • Personalized, on-the-spot follow-ups for current clients
    • Differentiating from the competition
    • Training and tips for students

Covideo: Greg – we really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us for our second Fireside Chat! First off, you’re like a celebrity here. We’re always hearing your name when we ask people how they heard about Covideo.
Greg: Glad to hear it! In addition to being a loan officer, I’m a trainer with The CORE, Inc.; a professional mortgage and real estate coaching company. So I use Covideo for clients, realtors, students, and internally for my team as well.
Through my training, I push video a lot because it’s more relational and you can impact people better. Most peoples’ attention span is so short. They’ll start reading an email and get interrupted or table it for later. Video helps combat that.
Covideo: So true. Can you tell us a little bit about how you’re using video email in your role as a loan officer?
Greg: My team and I use Covideo on a daily basis, and usually multiple times throughout the day. As a rule, we always send a video as the first point of contact. Whatever our message is – explaining a process, giving the next step – we want to put a face with a name. We also CC the realtor. Then we follow up with a phone call based on the conversation.
Whenever someone is pre-qualified – which is a big deal – we’ll send them a congrats message and attach their pre-qualification letter. Those are all personalized messages. We also do some canned messages that are more generic and done in advance. Like for internet leads from a specific site: “Thanks for checking out Zillow…” etc.
I utilize the mobile app a lot and am constantly creating and sending videos from my car. For instance, when I’m leaving a coffee appointment, I’ll record my follow up the message right then. I’ll recap our conversation and go over next steps, then send it on the fly so that they can see how dedicated we are to follow up.
Covideo: And how are you using video email for your role as a trainer with The CORE?
Greg: Again, I’m doing lots of videos from my car. “Here’s something that happened,” “theme of the week” – and then I’ll send those out to my group of students. And now that we do classes/events with The CORE, we’ll send a video as the invite for that. I typically get a strong reaction from my students when I send them their first video email. They love it and want to use it for their business, too.
Covideo: Love it! Speaking of which, is there anything specifically that you really love about Covideo?
Greg: Miscommunication can be an issue with email since it’s open to interpretation. But with a video they see your eye contact, smile…. it is proactively solving problems before they arise.
Big thanks to Greg for being an amazing champion for Covideo and kudos on all the great work you’re doing with mortgage lenders and real estate agents through The CORE!

The CORE Training, Inc. is a professional mortgage and real estate coaching company that provides mentoring and coaching to mortgage lenders and real estate agents from all over the country. The CORE helps real estate agents and mortgage lenders accumulate wealth, net more income, and run more efficient teams and business.

Covideo provides video email software that helps businesses and individuals communicate more effectively, build relationships faster and reinforce their brands with easy-to-make personalized videos.

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