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Video Email Templates

If you had to make a list of all the things to concern yourself with both as a business professional and as a marketer, personalized messages would undoubtedly be right at the top.

Regardless of the type of business, you’re running, personality is the key to success in the modern era. People don’t want to receive a generic message created from a videographer email template or a video production email template. They want to open that message and see images that are relevant to their needs. They want you to state their name like they are the only person you’re talking to. They want to see the video attached and they want to see your company’s branding. All of this goes above and beyond the simple “stock” photographer email templates free options you’ve probably used in the past.

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What is a video email?

Here at Covideo, we’ve always been big believers in the idea that video captures so much of what the cursor can’t on its own. Creating a video email is simple and effective, and we’ve built an entire platform in order to try to prove it.

At its core, Covideo is a video messaging tool build by and for sales professionals everywhere. We understand that it’s critical these days to bring personality and personal connection back to business, and we’ve built an entire application from the ground up to help make that happen. It’s a great tool for sales professionals and can be used in nearly every position within a company that you can think of, making it an invaluable turnkey resources for all of your video creation and video collateral needs and much, much more.

When we say that we have a wedding videographer email template or photography inquiry email template you need to see, we don’t view it as an “ending point” the way so many others do. Instead, it’s the starting point of something far more grand – the personalized experience that your users actually want.

Video email templates

Our templates – with our video email marketing for real estate resources being another example – allow professionals like yourself to present your messages like you would in person, all by way of a template that actually supports your branding. Covideo has video production cold email templates, photography pitch email template options, photography welcome email templates and so many others – all of which allow you to present YOUR welcome message or show a prospect a new feature of your product in the way they expect and deserve.

So not only can you customize your templates with your own photos, logos, colors, and other assets, but you can also provide easy-to-use CTA  buttons, too. These buttons will upgrade any video newsletter because it provides a compelling one-stop-shop for your buyer. At that point, all you have to do is take care of the video email subject lines and you’re truly good to go!

Video Email Software

Again, in terms of the best video email service options, Covideo is a platform built to be more than just another personalized video email marketing tool. It’s the perfect opportunity to act as the client-facing resource you need because it auto-plays video as soon as a message is opened. One of the video email platform best practices you should always be leveraging is auto play, because it guarantees your message will be seen. Thanks to the fact that Covideo will auto play video in Outlook email and other providers, it’s now never been easier to accomplish precisely that.

Many video email marketing companies will help professionals produce time-consuming, expensive videos. Make no mistake – this type of collateral certainly has its purpose. But when sending a personalized video mail, all you really need is the camera on your phone (or computer) and a video email software like Covideo.

Based on a wide range of video email marketing statistics, it’s been proven that about 54% of consumers say that they actually want to see MORE video content from a brand or business they support. The reason why you need video email marketing software like Covideo is because it allows you to lean directly into this fact and use it as one of your strengths. Covideo allows you to produce videos that are not only wonderfully authentic, but that are also easy to send. Not only will your recipients enjoy them but your boss will, too – making it the best video email marketing opportunity you have to really stand out in a crowd.

How to Embed a Video in an Email

It’s also important for you to know how to embed a video in an email.  Thankfully, Covideo provides a wide array of different options regarding how to send video through email for business for you to choose from depending on your needs. At that point, the answer to the question “how to embed a video in an email” really is as versatile as you need it to be.

You can embed YouTube video in email by downloading the file as an MP4, for example, and then uploading it to your Covideo account. Need to send HTML5 video in email? It’s a snap – any video that is recorded or uploaded into your Covideo account gets its own unique HTML code so that you can add your videos to your website or marketing platform all in a matter of seconds.

Truly, Covideo makes the process of embed video in email Gmail easier than you could have ever thought possible. It also has a lot of extra features, too, that help extend the reach of your campaigns even further. Looking for professional email samples PDF or professional email writing examples in other formats? Covideo has you covered. Want to start with a professional email example or email template examples and make them your own? You can do that, too. The professional email format has never been easier to leverage to your advantage, because that’s exactly what Covideo was built to do for businesses like yours.

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Adding Videos to Newsletters

For years, one of the best ways to stay in contact with your target audience has always taken the form of newsletters. Even if you don’t have something to say to someone as an individual, it’s still a great chance to keep people informed and make them stay up-to-date on everything that you’re working on as a business. Video newsletter ideas and video newsletter examples are helpful as a starting point but again, in this age of personalized communications, you need to be able to go deeper than ever before.

Luckily, Covideo has you covered here, too, as it lets you use video to enhance your newsletters in a number of fascinating ways. Using Covideo is the best way to email videos and video email templates.

How to email a video in a professional email newsletter, you ask? It all begins with the answer to the question “what do you call a video newsletter?” If the headline is catch enough, then people will be compelled to open it – however, you have to make sure they aren’t immediately greeted with little more than a mountain of plain-text.

The best email templates are the ones that have a human connection tied directly into them – something that people will be able to latch onto in a way that they won’t soon forget. This is what all of the best video newsletters have in common and thanks to Covideo you get to enjoy these advantages, too.

With a video newsletter app by Covideo by your side, you get to use our video newsletter templates to engage with your audience WITHOUT having to spend too much time writing up copy. Want to tell your users about new features or a new promo code? Do it with a video newsletter Mailchimp message instead of something that is boring text and nothing else to show for it.

There are a number of clear advantages to this technique, including the fact that putting a face to the name will absolutely leave a positive impression on your viewers. Plus, don’t forget that Mailchimp auto play video messages are virtually guaranteed to be seen – you can’t say the same for a bunch of text that will quickly make someone’s eyes glaze over.

At the end of the day, it’s clear that video is a more important part of your marketing success than a lot of people realize – and that’s why it’s also a powerful opportunity to immediately differentiate yourself from your competitors. Whether you’re looking for a simple HTML email template, a responsive email template HTML code free download, an email template HTML code generator or something else entirely, Covideo has you covered. To tell you the truth, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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